Jan 172016

Ever since the unpleasantness of last August with the living arrangements/drunks/whores/etc., things have been reasonably quiet around the old trailer park.  The landlord has been working steady, evicted friend and drunk whore are gone, and other than the occasional impromptu concert thanks to some really good speakers in said landlord’s room, it’s been tolerable here.  Until now…

The first sign things were going awry was this past Wednesday afternoon when the landlord did not go into work as usual.  I thought nothing of it until 3:00 the next morning when he woke up and began playing music, really loud.  The concert lasted for an hour, destroying any hope I had of sleeping.

Thursday the plot thickened as he didn’t go to work, yet again.  This time the concert began around 5:00am.  And instead of a variety of musical selections, he kept playing the same song over and over again for an hour or so.  Yeah, things are getting interesting.

By Friday it became obvious the landlord was on a binge again.  He tromped around the house back and forth all day, yakking on the phone to somebody.  I overheard him at one point declare he was, “Starting to get hammered.”  Again, in the afternoon, rather than go to work, he cranked up the music box and as before, played the same song over and over again.  Don’t ask me which song, I didn’t recognized it.

Saturday morning brought a new wrinkle.  Around 5:00 am, still drunk landlord welcomed a new guest in, a very over weight female friend to spend the weekend engaged in pleasures of some rather expansive flesh.  They were pretty quiet all morning but come afternoon, she began to talk, and did not shut up the rest of the day.  There has been more drinking, not much music, but again, said landlord has not been to work now 4 straight days.  Not sure if he still has a job or not.  Later in the evening he managed to somehow tip over and destroy the glass table he had in the living room. As of midnight they were arguing over something, not sure what but it was non stop since she got here.

What’s amazing is last Tuesday before all this shit began, the landlord was working at his job, working out in his backyard gym with a friend, and talking about things like healthy diets and staying in shape.  In the space of 4 days he threw all of that away and is back to being a drunk again.

And, there are further complications, on my part.  My income, tenuous at best, has dropped even more.  As a result, I am almost a week behind on rent.  So far, the landlord has been understanding but with the drinking and mood swings, anything could happen.  I knew the beginning of this year was going to be rough.  Being homeless was not part of the roughness.

As always, this time of the year is not a good time to be looking for other places to live in Key West, not that I could afford anything anyways.  Been looking at boats of course, rv’s, and just about any other possible escape, but so far, no luck.  I have no idea what’s going to happen but it will be such a fucking relief when I finally walk away from this place even if it means not having a permanent place for awhile.  I am so tired of this constant stress.  I need to build my income back up again and find a more better place, preferably on my own.

Well, for now all I can do is try and hang on as best as possible.  Stay tuned, anything could happen and probably will.

Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “Another Binge Underway…”

  1. Crap! That’s all I have to say about that.

    • Sometime during Saturday night somebody came by and stole the landlord’s electric bike. He has been comatose all day. To her credit, the friend has been trying to sober him up. Even evicted friend came by but no luck. Most likely lost his job. Not too smart.
      C. F.

  2. if he’s that wiped out he won’t know if you pay or not. that will buy you some time maybe.
    then again… if the tornados and storms keep hammering florida… it might blow the trailer away anyway.
    I hope you would be able to leave it before that happens.
    do you have the sirens there like we do here? if not… i’d get one of those weather apps that can alert you.
    the storms have been strange this year… tornadoes in places they normally never are!

    • I was thinking a tornado would be the best thing but no luck. We have no sirens, usually there is a tornado a tourist screams real loud and we all go out to look at it.
      C. F.