Jan 192016

Time to get off my ass and get some shit done.  I’ve been sitting around dealing with crap and putting off this project for way to long.

After the amazing success of my last ebook, Moving to The Florida Keys, links to the lower left on the sidebar, I was inspired to come up with some new book ideas.  Rather than write another self help/minimalist/this is how I did it book, I wanted to write something with a bit more whimsy and flare.  Finally, I was able to cobble together an idea for a fantasy novel which takes place right here in Key West.  Loosely based on my own personal experiences, the book, which shall remain a secret regarding plot/title/characters for the moment, will have a most interesting cast of characters and situations.  Add in my twisted views on the world and it’s going to be a fun adventure.

Last summer I went to work writing but when all the crap went down in August with the living arrangements, I filed the manuscript to the digital file cabinet.  Since then I’ve been neglecting doing anymore writing because I have been struggling to maintain an income.  Since the first of the year, said income has dropped along with more fun and games with the landlord.  I decided it was high time to get off my ass and do something about it.

The problem with writing a book is you don’t make any money actually writing.  The millions pour in after you publish said book.  So what to do.  It was then I started looking into crowdfunding.  In case you are not familiar, crowdfunding is making a plea online for small contributions from many followers to help fund a cause, be it starting up a business, a charity, or in my case, giving me some breathing room to write and publish the book without having to spend all my time trying to bring in some damn income.

I looked at different platforms including Indiegogo but eventually settled on gofundme as it was more conducive to what I needed to do.  So, I put the campaign together and here it is:

Help Me Write My eBook

The concept is simple and easy to use.  Click the donate button, add in the amount and all the data, and you are done.  I have a goal set at $5000 which will allow me to get this book finished, published, and not leave me out on the streets to die a horrible death.  As a small incentive, any donation $10 and up, and you will get a free copy of the book when finished, your choice of formats, iBook, Amazon, or PDF.  $50 and up, and I am still working on the details, possibly a gift certificate to the ManateeFritters store.

If you don’t want to donate, and I understand completely, but would like to help, feel free to share the link on any of your social media or blog sites.  Should you ever undertake a crowdfunding project of your own, please send me the link and I’ll be more than happy to do the same in return.

It’s not easy to do something like this when you have a bit of pride left in you but I am really excited at the chance to get this book written and published.  So screw it.  Why not go for broke?  I think you will enjoy it.  Go take a look at the gofundme campaign, and I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Thanks everyone.

Capt. Fritter

Wonder if Hemingway started out like this?

  3 Responses to “Go Fund Me…”

  1. I personally know that hemingway would have made full use of gofundme! LOLOL. I’m sure he would.
    helping to support an artist of any media is fun and rewarding. and it beats buying more STUFF to just sit around.
    i’m on board. and gofund made it so easy. I usually don’t like technical things like that.

    and can’t wait for the book! I enjoyed your book on moving to key west. it is honest. and full of things to truly KNOW…
    before you take the plunge. I keep saying someday…
    actually I wish you’d move to hawaii and write one about how you do that as a minimalist! but there’s time.
    all we have is time.
    best of luck capt!

  2. Loved Tammy’s write up on you and found your blog. I linked to you from mine and I hope you get all you need. You sound like a great guy and am glad to help in a small way. Nice blog – I’ll be back.