Jan 232016

Update:  The car has been recovered, landlord and girlfriend have returned.  Landlord almost wound up in jail.  He managed to threaten the tow company people and they called the police.  But cooler heads prevailed…so far.  Not sure if they have obtained a parking sticker yet, if not, the car will get towed again.  For the moment I get to listen to the landlord rant and rave to whomever will listen about how he is going to beat up everybody on the island and because he rents the trailer lot, he ‘owns’ parking space.

Sigh…it’s gonna be along day.

And the entertainment is underway.  For those of you up north stuck in the blizzard, grab some hot chocolate and get comfortable.  This is about as trailer parky as it gets.

If you all have been following the issues I’ve been having with the living arrangements you know some of the more recent details.  Landlord has been on a 10 day drunk, lost his job, brought a ‘girlfriend’ in who has not left since she arrived a week ago.  It’s been a daily routine of drinking, loud music, and drunken bullshit.  Well, this Saturday am, the feces hit the wind movement device with some new adventures.

Said girlfriend drove down and parked her car in front of the trailer in the park.  All well and fine except if you park for any length of time you have to have a permit sticker from the park, which said girlfriend never got.  This Saturday am the landlord, still half drunk, and preparing to go to work on the first day of his new job, walked out to discover said car had been towed.  What has ensued has been a flurry of phone calls, panic, and threats by said landlord.

The girlfriend, understandably went into panic mode.  She got ahold of the towing company and found out it was towed because said car had no parking sticker.  And it will cost her $256 to get the car back.  To get a parking sticker she must deal with the park manager who will not deal with her because she is just a visitor.  He will only deal with the owner of the trailer.  The owner of the trailer, drunk landlord to me, is on a rage.  He is claiming the car was stolen, has already called the police, and is threatening to beat up the park manager, the tow company, and is generally on a tear right now.

The police can do nothing regarding the tow because the tow company has the right to tow any vehicle at any time.

Meanwhile, girlfriend finally got the landlord and park manager together on the phone to obtain said parking sticker, but as you may have guessed, the conversation went downhill immediately with drunk landlord screaming obscenities on the phone to the park manager.  Now the manager is calling the park owner and I am guessing before long, the police will be visiting.

The landlord, who is not a small man, given his weight lifting past, has been raging around the trailer inside and out.  Girlfriend is trying her best to calm him down, go get her car back, and obtain said sticker.  But his temper tantrum is going to be his undoing.  And of course, since he missed his first day on the job, he is drinking.

In some ways, I’m hoping landlord gets arrested and thrown in jail.  Not that I want to see anyone go to jail, but maybe it will be the stimulus to get him to sober up and get his life straight…just kidding.  He’s a raging alcoholic and is never going to change.  I just have a feeling he is going to wind up getting arrested before this all settles down.

Right now, girlfriend is arranging a taxi to go retrieve her car.  Landlord is trying unsuccessfully to contact the park manager to get a sticker but said manager is refusing to talk to him.  Should they all meet face to face it’s not going to be pretty.

From my point of view, I don’t give a Norwegian rat’s posterior what happens to the landlord, the girlfriend, the car, nor the park manager.  All I’m concerned about now is keeping a roof over my head for as long as possible.  If the landlord goes to jail or otherwise attempts to get into it with the park manager, it will mean the street.  And that might not be a bad thing after all.  As soon as they leave to go retrieve her car, I’m calling my friend in Orlando and giving him a heads up, just in case.  There is a daily Greyhound which leaves Key West daily around 6:00 pm putting me in Daytona the next morning.  From there I can make it to my friend’s place by local bus.

Right now, they have left to go get the car.  Stay tuned for further exciting details as this all plays out.  I’ll update with what is happening.

Capt. Fritter


  One Response to “UpDated: It’s Trailer Park Saturday!…”

  1. oh capt. go to orlando! you can always come back to the key!
    surely there’s another room to rent somewhere there that is more decent? and affordable?
    i’d rather live in a box under a bridge that put up with what you put up with.
    I just couldn’t do it. I don’t see how you do.
    you could look at it all as fodder for yet another book on the back burner! LOLOLOL!!!
    best of luck old bean.