Jan 232016

Just a couple days into the gofundme campaign and I have to say, it’s off to a good start.  At 7% of the goal as of this post so while there is a long way to go yet, it’s looking very promising.  Many, many thanks to those who have contributed so far.  Every contribution is appreciated.  And special thanks to the peanut for a supporting, if not somewhat embarrassing promotion.

Despite the distractions of finances, and a still drunken landlord, I was able to get back into the book this week and finished up another chapter.  Got a ways to go but it is taking shape now.  And for those of you interested in creating your own best seller, I am using iBooks Author to build this book.  It’s an extremely easy program to learn and use.  It’s ideal for getting your ideas organized and in a final book form.

Speaking of drunken landlords, he is now on day 9 of the current binge.  He has lost his job but supposedly will start working construction any day now.  But the way he keeps pounding down the beer and booze, no way is he going to get up in the morning and shovel shit.  The ugly, noisy girlfriend is still here.  To her credit she has been keeping him semi clean, feeding his drunk ass, doing his laundry, and nagging him endlessly.  For me, it’s been constant noise with loud talking, occasional loud music, and while I am writing this post, Haitian neighbors are out in the street arguing loudly about something.

I’m so tired of the bullshit with this living arrangement.  Finances and lack of options are not helping.  I’ve been looking at a boats but even then, if I could find one, dock space is nowhere to be found this time of the year, and expensive.  I might have a possible option of going up to Orlando for a while and staying at a friend’s house.  I would prefer not to do so as I don’t want to leave the Keys but if things get too out of hand, it may be my only out until I get back on my feet again.  For the moment, I’m trying to gut it out here but patience is running thin.

One good thing, the flu/plague/bug which has been attacking me has finally gone away.  I still have a slight cough mostly at night but it seems to have run it’s course.  It was a miserable 2 months and I do not want to go through it again.  I have an Aunt up north, in her early 80’s who has the same thing so it is something running around the country.  I hope she is alright.  At least she has some family and good Dr’s to help take care of her.

While the coughing was a constant irritation, the worst part of this thing was the total lack of energy.  Whatever it was saps any energy from you.  Just getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom wore me out.  The worst was going to the store.  Said store is only about a mile away and normally takes me about a 20 minute walk.  There were several times it took me over an hour to get back, having to stop repeatedly to catch my breath.  If any of you have this, get as much sleep as you can.  If you have someone who can do the running around for you it helps.  Not much you can do except ride it out and keep a bag of cough drops with you all the time.

One quick note.  I added some new items to the CafePress store.  In addition to the line up with the Manatee Fritters logo, I’ve added in some items with the peanut on the table logo for all you peanut fans.  Help Tammy out with the purchase of a shirt or a hat.

So, I am feeling more better, the gofundme is helping with the finances, and the book is back on schedule again.  I’m beginning to understand how difficult it is to write one of these things what with all the distractions.  If you ever get a chance to visit Hemingway’s place here in Key West, you’ll notice the room where he did most of his writing was a quiet, out of the way upstairs room, away from everything.

writing room

I wonder if he would mind if I borrowed it for a few weeks?

Capt. Fritter

Thanks again everyone for the support.


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  1. I see you posted this at 1am… they finally went to sleep maybe?
    and what a beautiful room hemingway had to write in. better than his starving garrett in paris.
    although… paris ain’t half bad either. glad you’re on the mend finally capt.