Jan 262016

Or perhaps to be more specific, I miss the solitude and peace of living alone, or at least with non human roommates.  When I was out at the marina, the good one, on the Free Spirit, it was relatively quiet.  Most of the time all you could hear was the wind blowing, the waves crackling against the hull, and the occasional boat coming through the channel.  Oh sure, once in a while, some neighbors might have a party or during the day, some maintenance crew might be throw up some noise, but overall it was quiet.  Now, not so much.

This past few days here at the trailer trash hilton have been anything but quiet.  I related the tale on Saturday of the ugly girlfriend’s car getting towed.  Drunk Landlord added to the festivities by threatening to beat up nearly everyone on the island.  From what I could deduce, they went downtown that evening and he got thrown out of several bars for attempting said feat.  But yet, he still roams free.

Sunday quieted down during the day but then the both of them woke up from their stupor, got more beer, and it was non stop yakking, yelling, fighting, and making up the rest of the day.  At one point, Drunk Landlord was going to marry ugly girlfriend, and other drunk friend was going to buy the trailer.  Later on, the two of them were at each other’s throats over him texting another girlfriend.  It’s been like this for days now with no end in sight.

Drunk Landlord remains unemployed and has not made any attempt to find another job.  He was scheduled to go work some construction on Saturday morning but the towed car blew that opportunity.  He continues to pound down the beer from the time he gets up in the morning until he passes out at night.

Monday brought more entertainment.  The morning was quiet and I was able to get some laundry done along with some bit of work online.  Around noon I went into town to fetch some rent money and get some lunch.  Did I mention the fridge at the trailer is in bad need of defrosting and now qualifies as a toxic waste dump?  Yeah, for now, no using the kitchen any more than I have too.  I keep some food in the room, only coming out to get ice for drinks.

Anyways, as I said, I went into town, hit my usual shopping stops and decided some Dion’s chicken would go down good.  If you are looking for some good chicken, this is some of the best in the Keys.  After trying for 10 minutes to explain to the non English speaking girl behind the counter what I wanted, she finally gave me the bag with the bird and I went to pay.  It was then I noticed I had lost my bank card somewhere between my last stop at the Dollar Store and there at the convenience store.  So, in a panic I had to retrace all my steps to see if I could find said card, without success.  I’m guessing somebody grabbed it in the parking lot.  If they were somehow able to use it, they would have been real disappointed as the balance was quiet low.

So, I trudged over to the bank, had the lost card cancelled, got a temp card, and my new card will be in my greedy little paws in a week or so.  No harm, no foul, just a minor inconvenience at least.  But it put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.  Plus, Monday is usually a busy day for me money wise.  So I lost some income there.

I got back to the trailer, paid part of the rent to Drunk Landlord, as I needed some cash to eat, and at least he was understanding about it all.  It’s been the one good thing through all this.

Anyways, the two of them continued to yak back and forth the rest of the day, going back and forth between true love and threatening to kill each other.  One cannot leave the room for 5 seconds without the other wanting to know what they are doing.  Neither of them cannot even go to the bathroom without the other barging in to make sure they ain’t talking to a an ex or something on their phones.  It’s pathetic if not hilarious.

Around 7:00pm, ugly girlfriend decided she was going to get in her car and drive somewhere.  When she went out there was a neighbor’s car blocking hers.  She asked the neighbor, a Haitian woman, to please move the car.  Haitian woman refused and the feces began to strike the wind movement device.  No, I don’t know why said Haitian woman would not move her car but it really ticked off ugly girlfriend who let loose with a litany of racial slurs and insults.  Not a good idea considering we are the only white people on the block.  She then went in and brought out Drunk Landlord, who also let loose with a long list of racially inspired insults coupled with threats to, and I’m paraphrasing here, ‘Break her fucking neck.”

This went on for the better part of an hour.  The two of them would come inside, then go back out and scream some more.  Keep in mind, Drunk Landlord is also a weight lifter when he is not a drunk, and is built rather thick and strong.  You don’t want to let him get ahold of you in a fight.

Surprisingly, nobody thought to call the cops, although it did cross my mind but why get involved?  I was sort of hoping maybe a few nights in the slammer with pending felony charges would sober Drunk Landlord’s ass up and give us some peace and quiet.  But cooler heads prevailed.  I don’t know, perhaps the Haitians had their own reasons for not bringing in the police.  Eventually, the park manager showed up, the car got moved, ugly girlfriend and Drunk Landlord went out and got more beer, returned, and there was peace across the land for now.

As I write this post, the two of them are still talking about what happened, still throwing out racial insults and slurs, drinking beer, and eating pizza.

This is the first time in a long time where I have had to live with human roommates.  It seemed like a good idea at the time as the rent was affordable and the location to the stores and bus routes was ideal.  And it has good internet.  But I will have to rethink this whole roommate thing again for any future places.  It’s too risky.  You don’t know what kind of crazy people you are getting in with.  Everyone seems ok at first, but it don’t take long for the bullshit to start.

An apartment down here is cost prohibitive.  And no way am I going to get tied up in a lease.  I keep looking at boats but the cost of the marina slip is way out of line.  Going out on the hook?  The gale force winds from last week got that idea out of my head.

Rv’s are the same as living on a boat. No place to park and expensive when you find a spot. I’m running out of patience and options at the moment.

The one upside is I have managed to get back on the book. I got a couple chapters written over the weekend, got some plot holes cleaned up, and I’m moving along quite well. If the gofundme campaign keeps up, I might have a full draft done real soon and I can get into really putting this thing together. Again, everyone, thanks to all who have contributed so far. I do appreciate it.

In the meantime, all I can do is hang on here, put up with the bullshit, and have the bag ready to pack at a moment’s notice. If I do have to bug out, I can do so within a few minutes, even if I had no real place to go. At least I can escape the madness if need be.  One of the real perks of minimalism.  Keep your possessions at hand, stay out of any binding agreements, and have the means to leave when you want to, or have to.

Capt. Fritter

I wonder if Hemingway ever had to put up with this shit?

  5 Responses to “I Miss My Boat…”

  1. unless they kill you in the night.
    either accidentally or on purpose.
    too bad you don’t know a nice old lady
    who would be willing to rent you a back room or upstairs garret
    for a weekly fee.
    they used to do that years ago… to make extra income for themselves.
    I suppose now it’s simply too dangerous.
    and hemingway created his own shit.
    then pulled the trigger.
    wrong route for sure.
    things gotta get better capt! they will.
    i’m just grateful you’ve given up the idea of the mooring field.

    • My luck some nice old lady would just want to lure me in for sex. Then I’d never get the book done.

      I could never figger out how Hemingway wound up in Idaho putting a shotgun to his head. It just didn’t add up. All the adventures he had, all the places he had been, it seemed to be the wrong ending to his story. But then I read a story about his last days. He was paranoid, believing the government was after him, depression, all that. And given some of his relatives also killed themselves, whatever he had, ran in the family. Sad ending to a great life.

      C. F.

  2. Hemingway probably _caused_ some serious shit… But, you certainly have my sympathy.

    Keep looking at boats – yours is out there. I’ve heard the marinas in Key West are getting hostile to liveaboards, but would a mooring field be a possible option?

    You have some very kind words for me when things looked down. And now t’s looking like I may be buying my dream (a CSY37) for liveaboard in St. Maarten) in the next few months. So tides turn… Yours will come in soon.

    Keep the faith.

    • That’s fantastic Martha! Knew it would happen for you. When you get all settled in I want pictures and a story for the Fritter. Enjoy it. You earned it!
      C. F.

  3. chiming in here martha… and I don’t even know you… other than the comment you left on a former post…
    about your life and dreaming of living on a sailboat with your cat. and now LOOK!
    and the captain’s little e~book that could was probably just the boost you needed!!! he’s great that way!

    i’m SO HAPPY for you.
    kudos to your hard work and good luck! and back in st maarten.