Feb 042016

Or at least for the moment.  Some developments here at the trailer trash hilton occurred on Wednesday night, mostly good for the moment.  I don’t know how long it will last but for now, things are quiet.  Here are the sordid details.

Landlord remains unemployed and drunk.  He has been able to sober up for a day or two to go out and find a job.  And to his credit he is trying.  He has applied everywhere on the island.  Problem is, this being an island, and a small one at that, word spreads quickly when you screw up.  So for now, he does not have a job.

His fat, ugly, nagging queen of the harpies girlfriend has now been here for nearly a month.  And let me pause here to ‘splain something.  If you are offended by me calling this creature fat, ugly, and other names, let me assure you…I have been holding back.  If I let loose about how I really feel about this bitch I would be banned from all social media and probably have to take the Fritter down.  It’s that bad.

She is exactly what you would envision in a do nothing, loud mouthed, over fed, noisy, and obnoxious white trash piece of shit.  From what I can determine from the many conversations, none of which she used her ‘indoor voice’, she is on probation for cocaine, knows many other alcoholics, and is a racist bigot.  In addition to nagging the shit out of the landlord, and probably contributing to the drinking, she is staying here for free, has picked fights with the Haitian neighbors which involved the use of many racial slurs, and she constantly complains about everything.   Her favorite word is ‘fuck’ which she uses all the time.  Even the local sailors have been offended by her language.  All I’ve seen her fat ass do is sit around on her phone, texting and Facebooking, or waddling her immense bulk out to the store to get more food to throw down her pie hole.  She has been a pain in the ass since she got here.

Anyways, on this past Wednesday, it was relatively quiet all day.  The landlord got up early and left in search of a job.  the night before they had a fight and he threatened to beat her up if she didn’t leave in the morning.  They made up and all was quiet.  During Wednesday she didn’t come out of her room once, which was fine by me.

The landlord returned by early evening and seemed in a good mood.  They talked about going out on the town, but didn’t.  He started drinking.  They talked about cooking dinner.  They didn’t.  He was drinking even more.  She wanted to watch television.  He decided to play his damn music, REALLY LOUD!, pissing her off.  He kept drinking and then the arguing started.  As the night progressed they got louder and louder.

In the meantime I’m in my room quietly working on a chapter of the book.  It’s a particularly long one and had already taken me one session just to get it started.  Needless to say it was difficult to constipate with all the yelling going on.

Around 11:00 things started to heat up.  The landlord, fully drunk now was demanding the ugly fat girlfriend get out, immediately.  She screamed back she had no place to go.  He yelled some more.  She promised to leave in the morning. That wasn’t good enough, he wanted her out then and there.  He threatened to call the cops to evict her but apparently she took his phone.  This pissed him off even more.

At this point he stormed back to the room where the other tenant resided, beside me.  He banged on the door and demanded said tenant call the cops.  The tenant wanted nothing to with it and closed his door.  At the same time ugly fat girlfriend had already called the cops and was playing the part of the helpless victim.  The police told her on the phone she didn’t have to leave if she had no place to go.  She told the landlord such, pissing him off even more.

Fat, ugly girlfriend also played the classic, cry when nothing else works routine.  The waterworks began but the landlord was having none of it.  She turned off the act just as fast and stormed back into the front bedroom.

The landlord, fully drunk, angry as hell, went outside and upon seeing the tenant out on his stoop having a cigarette, began to scream at full volume about how he treated said tenant well, the tenant owed him money, and said tenant could leave.

It was at this point I called the cops.  I told them there was a drunk in the yard, threatening people, he was big, strong, and short on temper.  A minute later one officer showed up.  Immediately, the landlord was quiet, sober, and coherent. He explained he wanted the girlfriend out but she would not leave.  So, the officer went inside and knocked on the bedroom door.  Fat, ugly girlfriend came and immediately tried to tell her side of the story.  The officer asked her two simple questions:  Was she paying rent?  Did she have a lease?  No to both.

“Ok.”, said the officer, “Pack your stuff and get out.”

She pleaded she had no where to go but to no avail.  So, she started packing her crap and taking it out to her car.  The landlord stood off to the side muttering she had stolen stuff from him and other incoherent rantings but it was all over.  In about ten minutes, the fat, ugly, bitch, was gone.

The officer left and the landlord went into his room and did not come out again until Thursday morning when he got ready and ran off to a job interview.  He returned later in the morning and so far, as of this writing, has stayed in his room and not talked to neither me nor the other tenant.  I hear him on the phone talking and I suspect he might be talking to her but hopefully he will not allow her to return.

While I was not ever directly involved in the entertainment on Wednesday, other than my calling the police, it was still a long night.  I couldn’t get back into the book and just went to sleep.  My biggest mistake was I paid another week of rent to the landlord a few hours earlier before he got really drunk.  Money I could have used to grab the bus to Daytona where I could go stay with a friend for awhile and be out of this shit.  Too late for now.

I’m hoping the idiot gets hired somewhere soon and he sobers up for a while.  At least with the whore gone it’s quiet but I’m worried he will bring her back.  If he does, I may just have to leave, no matter what my finances are like.  I was hoping he would get into to physically with her and they would both get arrested and go to jail.  It would be the best thing for them.

For the moment, however, things are quiet.  Hopefully they will stay that way for a little while.  Enough so I can get some work done and maybe get out while the getting is good.  It’s been a bad situation, a lot worse than I have let on.  Wednesday night was pretty bad and I don’t want a repeat.  I’m getting way too close to turning things around to have this sort of shit going on.

Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “Peace In Our Time…”

  1. I am rather speechless at this point.
    I guess it just takes some of us longer than others to look at a horse shoe.
    and this you call living in paradise?
    no amount of sunsets would make that worth it to me. sorry. just … well…
    maybe your book should be about that mess.
    the public seems to enjoy profanity and lowlife living.
    as in stupid tv shows that apparently keep getting renewed. sheesh.

    • When you are stuck you are stuck. I would leave right now if I had the money and a place to go. Right now, I am stuck.

  2. i’m just afraid she’ll go berserk some night and kill all of you in your sleep.
    but I know as soon as I wrote that sentence that you know what you’re doing.
    when it gets bad enough you’ll head for orlando. one way or another.
    have YOU ever thought of tybee island? someday i’d like to see that place.
    not as crazy as the key. but just as laid back I imagine.

    • In case you haven’t kept up with the news, she got evicted by the police the other night, with an no trespassing order. Don’t know if she is still on the island or not. My only concern is he gets drunk, decides he still loves her expansive ass, and invites her back. It that happens I go. Not putting up with any more.
      As for Tybee, what part of “I HATE COLD WEATHER” is not clear. Even Orlando is having freeze warnings this week which is why I’m hesitant to go. I will as a last resort and only for a short time, assuming I can stay with a friend, but not for very long. I spent my whole life avoiding winter. It tries to catch me and even as I write this it’s getting down near 60…again. I will head further south. Hawaii. Central America somewhere. The Eastern Caribbean. I do not care. I will not freeze again.