Feb 072016

The book is moving along surprisingly smooth now.  The final chapters are coming into form and hopefully, I will have a full draft ready to go very soon.  Then I’ll get some proofreading done, and start going back, checking for mistakes, and punching up the weak spots.  I’m starting to get excited as this project comes to reality.

I don’t for one minute consider myself to be a professional writer nor novelist, but I have noticed something interesting as I’ve been doing all this writin’ stuff.  The plot, the characters, all the elements have come together and when I’m writing out a scene or a chapter, I’m finding myself immersed in the world of the book.  It’s like everything is real.  The characters exist, the events actually happened, it’s really strange.  It helps I can go and visit certain parts of the island which were the inspiration for the scenes.  I can stand there and imagine said scene actually taking place.  It’s almost to the point where I expect one of the characters to come walking by and say Hello.

The characters themselves are conglomerates of people I’ve met over the years.  Yet, after spending hours writing their stories, backgrounds, and descriptions, it almost feels like they actually exist.  I wonder if other writers experience the same feelings.  Do they get into their stories to the point where it becomes a blur between reality and fantasy?  Do they talk about their characters like they actually exist?  Perhaps it’s one of the keys to writing one of these damn things.  Immerse yourself in the world you are writing about like it is real and the story will become more better.  If it is, I’m there and enjoying the hell out of it.  I always loved reading a good book where I could lose myself in the world it described.  Now, I’m writing such a book and feel the same way.  I just hope it translates to a good story for anyone who reads it.

I’m amazed I’ve gotten anything done lately with all the bullshit going on.  The landlord is still on a drunk, still unemployed, and has a nasty habit of playing music or the tv really loud day and night.  I tried to do a reread last night and he had some tv channel on til 1:00 in the morning.  Loud enough like it was in my room.  I don’t confront him as he has been prone to losing his temper and I will lose mine right back if he does.  Why he has the need to play music so loud it can be heard all over the neighborhood is beyond me.  Put some earplugs in and blow your own hearing out.  Leave the rest of us in quiet.

At least the whore is gone, finally.  I was afraid she might come back but he sobered up enough to realize she was bad news.  The idiot needs to sober up and find a job soon.  He confessed yesterday in a brief moment of reality he was running out of money.  He will be running out of more money when I walk out of this dump.

Drunk landlords, whores, and noise have not been the only distractions.  My income has really taken a dive this month.  The usual stuff I do has really slowed down.  The gofundme has helped but it has slowed too.  February is never a good month for me financially, and this one is proving to be no exception.  And to really top things off, a cap I had put in by a hack dentist up in Key Largo 7 years ago is giving me trouble.  It hurts like hell, and I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse.  A dentist is out of the question due to cost.  For now, I’ll deal with it.

Desperately need to get a battery for the computer so I can go work away from the trailer trash hilton.  Be nice to be able to sit near one of the locations in the book and rewrite the scene with the smells and noises to make it seem even more real.  Then as publishing time comes, I need to grab some ISBN numbers.  Very important.  These are essentially a book’s social security number.  You can’t publish without it.  There are a few other minor expenses but they can wait until I’m ready to go.

And just a reminder, I’m not planning on a paper version of this masterpiece.  Ebook only on Amazon and the iBookstore.  So get your iPads and Kindles ready.

Despite all the distractions though, the book moves on.  I grab whatever time I can to write.  When I’m not writing I’m going over the scenes in my head, playing them out.  I try to imagine the characters, add to their backstories, and hopefully, it all transfers into written text.  It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun.  Whether the book fails, or becomes a best seller, I am good with it.  Well worth the effort.

Time to go back to work.

Capt. Fritter

The Captain, the Princess, the mermaid, the flower child, the hippie, and all the rest said to say Hello to you all.  They hope to meet you soon.


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  1. A couple writers I know say that sometimes their characters head off in a direction the writers had not planned. Yeah, they become real all right.

    • I can see that. I’ve made changes in scenes I wasn’t expecting until I started writing them.
      C. F.