Feb 122016

The full first draft of the book is now complete.  I sent a copy off to some friends to get some feedback on the story and to get a different set of eyes looking out for typos, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.  So far, my failing grades from high school english class are proving accurate.  But, I am cleaning things up.

There are some rewrites to be done.  Some bits of the plot need to be re worded to clarify what happened, minor, but still important.  Then some tidying up here and there, get the cover finished, get an ISBN number, and this puppy will be ready for the big time.

But, it has not been without some sacrifice.  I’ve let my income levels drop and things are really getting tight.  The landlord, still drunk and still unemployed has made some references to my lateness with rent.  But I wanted to get this done, it has priority right now.  I may well be publishing from a Greyhound bus somewhere but one way or another it will get published.

Again I thank all those who contributed to the gofundme.  Feel free to spread the word.  I think you will really enjoy the story.  It was fun to write and based on some reactions from a lucky few who have read the early version, it sounds like it will hit all the right emotions.  Just as my cunning and evil plan had predicted.

I’m shooting for getting this thing done by the end of February.  Plenty of time yet.  And you can bet I’ll be promoting the crap out of it once it’s out.  In the meantime, how about a small but important tease:

Did you know, sea serpents can purr?

It’s true.


Trust me.


Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “Now The Hard Part…”

  1. Congratulations Capt. on your new book. I enjoyed catching up a bit here …enjoyed reading about the places u have lived!

    Hope the book is a big success for you.

  2. GO papa!
    actually I’ve been on some pretty comfortable greyhounds! but that was eons ago.
    hang in.
    hold to the line.
    kudos to you and congratulations!

  3. Are you going to publish with CreateSpace or some other POD company?

    • I’m using iBooks author to create the book itself. Great program for writing. When I’m done with the final edits, I will use Calibre to convert the book into the formats I will need, like ePub. Then I will publish on the iBookstore, (I’m already a developer), and Amazon. I may add a third option, a PDF version with a Paypal button here on the Fritter for anyone who cannot use the other options. I’ll need an ISBN number of course. You need one for each version you publish. All the electronic versions will work under one number but if I were to publish a dead tree version, I would need another. I have no plans for a paper version at this time.
      Apple and Amazon each take 30% which is more better than going to some publisher and paying them 80% or more. I will be more than content to self publish. My other book still sells a few copies after 3 years. 12 last month alone. I don’t make a lot of money but it does enough to warrant writing more.
      Hope all this helps.
      C. F.