Feb 202016

I’m recovering from the stress of the last few weeks finally, and relaxing ever so slightly now.  All the bullshit with the landlord and the drama is over with and I’m moving on to new things.  In the meantime, thanks to the generosity of an old friend, I do have a nice place to stay for a couple weeks at least.  It’s a nice house, I got a big room with a bug free bed, actual hot water coming out of the faucets, and some good internet.  So I can get some things done.

It also happens to be a friend whom I wound up getting two of my last 3 cats from, including KC, so yeah, I’m a bit wary of waking up with another fur ball in the bed.  But hopefully, not this time.

I lived but a few blocks from this place for almost 15 years, the one time when I actually owned a house.  So it’s interesting to see how much the area has changed and not changed.  The basics are the same.  Same houses, same roads, mostly, but many of the stores have changed or in some cases, closed up.  The town is basically a suburb of Orlando so almost everyone who lives here commutes to the city.  Traffic is heavy and rush hour is a nightmare.

There have been some improvements.  There is a nice new network of bicycle and hiking trails being built throughout the Central Florida region.  You will eventually be able to cross the entire state from the Gulf to the Atlantic using said trails.  They are paved, run along some beautiful wilderness areas and near a lot of small local parks.


This is a bicycle path, not a road.

When I lived here I was doing the Harley thing big time.  I was working at the dealerships, riding everywhere, and had a lot of friends who rode also.  Chances are I may run into a few on this trip.  Bike Week is right around the corner and many will come out to have some fun.

It will be nice to visit, and it’s always interesting to explore the old stomping grounds and relive some memories, but this place is definitely not home.  In fact, for as long as I lived here, it never felt like home.  Just a place where I kept my stuff, and slept.  Only one place is home now, and I ain’t there at the moment.

My cunning plan is to return to Key West around the 8th of March or so.  I’m plotting out my travel arrangements even as we speak.  If I commit early I can get down there for under $50.  I just need to figger out the logistics.

I have some minor things to take care of when I am down there, but without a home now, I can’t afford to stay very long.  Until I build up some cash, I may be doing some more travel and to be honest, it’s almost as cheap to ride around by bus and train as it is to stay in one place any length of time.

I do have a tentative offer to go become a captain again and run some tours up in the Key Largo area.  We are still talking and I will decide later if I want to go with such a venture.  It would solve some problems income wise, but Key Largo has an affordable housing shortage also, thanks in part to the production company producing a tv show called, Bloodline, apparently a show about the Keys.  I wouldn’t know, I never watch tv anymore.  So, if I do this, I will need to find a place, probably wind up with another boat, and most likely incur some debt.  Not the most attractive offer.  But…

I fully expect to have the book published next week.  It’s my main goal right now.  I need to finish some final edits, polish up this and that, and then it’s ready to go.  If it sells a few million downloads in the first couple hours, I may forego any thoughts of working again, and just wander about until the royalties start rolling in.  Hey, it could happen.

So while the future is most uncertain, I am not as stressed nor worried.  I don’t have the issues of the trailer trash hilton hanging over my head.  I’m not bound by anything nor anyone to be anyplace nor do anything.  If I can somehow keep an income to support myself enough, things will be ok.  As much as I hated leaving home, it was necessary to enable me to fall back and regroup.  I’ve got my computer, still in need of a battery, internet when I need it, my iPhone, a few scraps of clothing, and my trusty old canvas bag.

Just an old digital nomad in search of the next adventure.  A bit earlier than I was planning but no battle plan survives the first shot.  Next few months could prove to be quite interesting.  Come along for the journey, if you dare.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “The Old Stomping Grounds…”

  1. Oh, I dare. Just try leaving me behind. No, don’t. That wasn’t meant to be a challenge. Honestly it wasn’t.

  2. LOL!
    ditto linda.
    i’m just so glad you’re finally in a place where you might not get a deadly disease!!!
    or put your fist through someone’s face.
    wonder if the book could be marketed some way in the keys…
    some unique way…