Feb 252016

It is done.  The ebook is published and for sale on three platforms now.  I’ve set up a page with handy links to all the ways you can spend your $2.99.  Here is the link:

Tales Of The Manatee Fritter-Captain, Are You Ready?

Thanks to everyone who contributed on the gofundme and others who gave their support.  It was quite the experience and I hope everyone enjoys the book.  So, I have just one question to ask you…

Are You Ready?

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Tales Of The Manatee Fritter – Captain, Are You Ready?”

  1. Bought mine. Sent a copy to Dave. Blogged about it encouraging others to buy.

    Anyone having any doubts about buying this book should trash those doubts and buy right now. This hilarious romp is well worth its low price.