Mar 142016

As I write this post on Sunday night, I’m sitting in a rather nice apartment on a canal in Key Largo.  I’ve been here for a couple days now negotiating a new gig.  One of my website clients has been pushing me to come back to this island and go to work for him running charters and doing some other watery type stuff.  Given how badly things have been going for me lately, I decided to arrange to come up here and talk.

So far, everything looks good.  The charters are easy, the company has two really good spots at a couple large resorts on Blackwater Sound, on the bay side of Key Largo.  My client has offered to help me with getting my captain license renewed which should not take very long, and when I get it I can do full charter work.  I have an advantage in I have lived here before, did a lot of kayaking and paddle boarding around the island, so I know the water pretty good.

Most of the charters are things like eco tours, jet ski tours, and the occasional sunset tour.  The rest of the time I’d be on shore helping with rentals and such.  Not as much fun as sitting around computertating all day but if it pays some bills, what the hell.

The only hangup is, as usual, finding a place to live.  I do have a few leads and one good thing, Key Largo has way more better prices for rentals than Key West.  It’s just a matter of putting something together.  I may be renting a boat, maybe a room, not real sure yet.

If you have followed the Fritter for awhile you know I used to live in Key Largo so while it’s not home in Key West, it is still in the Keys.  It’s just a different island, not quite as laid back and not as much nudity.  Still, it will suffice for now.  The island has all I need, shopping, restaurants, and it appears the wifi is good, or at least, I haven’t found any dead spots yet.

So, hopefully, we can put this all together and pretty soon I’ll be a real Captain Fritter again.  As soon as I get things established, you’ll hear about it right here.

Capt. Fritter

  7 Responses to “Key Largo…”

  1. I surely hope everything works out well.

    Good luck!

  2. it’s looking good capt!
    and as you say…
    you’re STILL in the keys.

  3. oh MAN.
    key largo you say is cheaper to live than key west?
    maybe a good choice for awhile?
    just grabbing at the proverbial straw again… forgive me if it’s naïve.

    • Went back home and now heading north. Lost a relative so going to Pa. for a funeral.
      C. F.

  4. I was just telling Dave that you keep your long pants in PA and here you re heading that way. I don’t like the reason for the trip but otherwise the timing isn’t bad. At least in MN we are actually having spring this year. Daytime temps in the 60s.