Mar 202016

Once again I find myself in the cold, desolate, dreary north.  It’s in the 30’s here with some snow forecast for Sunday.  But it’s ok.  I’m warm and comfy inside and don’t really have to go out much.  I came up for a funeral, which went well, all things considered, and since it’s not really costing me anything, nor do I have any pressing need to be anywhere, I will be staying through the holiday next week and returning to Key West at the end of the month.  For now, I get to eat well, sleep in a comfy bed, and devise my evil and cunning plans for the next adventure.

The trip up was by bus and it was a long one.  After spending nearly 2 days at Miami airport the bus finally left on Wednesday, around 5:00 headed north.  It was an hour late due to an accident but to Greyhound’s credit, I did not miss any connections and made to my final on time, Friday morning around 10:00.

Yes, you read it correctly.  2 days hanging out in an airport, and nearly 40 hours on a bus.

In reality, it was not all too bad.  The bus is comfortable, although most of the time it was packed.  Lots of people were traveling.  But I was ok.  I always had a window seat, there was a power outlet so I could computertate now and then, and even sleep on occasion.  The bus stopped about every 2 hours on average and once in awhile I could get out and stretch while they changed drivers.

We traveled through Orlando, Jacksonville, Fayetteville, Richmond, downtown Washington DC., (not to worry anyone, but as we went through D.C. I caught a glimpse of the Washington Monument and Donald Trump’s name was on the side.  Just so you know.), and also Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

I left wearing my usual shorts and fishing shirt so it got a tad chilly on the way but for most part I was ok.   In fact, the airport in Miami was colder than most of the places the bus went through.  There were places to eat at some of the bus stops but they were pricey.

Every bus stop was run by a large, angry, black woman.  Apparently, Greyhound only hires large, angry, black wimmen to run their stations.  And since they yell when they talk, and I don’t speak large, angry, black woman, it was hard to hear the instructions as they were given out.  But, somehow I made it through ok.

While some people would shudder at the thought of being cooped up for so long in a bus, I had no issues.  I was in no particular hurry to get up here and I could relax.   I could run the computer when I felt like it, or sleep.  It was not a stressful trip, and it was cheap, $175.

Going back though, I am going to take the train again.  Two days into West Palm, then the commuter to Miami, then the bus to Key West.  All for about the same price.  I’m looking forward to the trip as the seats will be larger and more comfy.

So for now, I can relax, not spend any money, eat really good, and get ready for the rest of the spring.  I’ll be making this same trip in late May if all goes well.  I just need to find someplace for a couple months if I can in Key West, or do some more travel.  As for summer, I’m not sure what will come up.  As long as I can either stay mobile, or find reasonable rates for a place to stay, I’m good.  I’m looking at lots of options and have no real set goals other than making it until the end of the year when things will become way more better and I can do more.

In the meantime, I will enjoy the comforts of a roof over my head, a fridge full of good food, and a soft comfy bed.  It’s nice to have the option to stay here for a bit longer than planned but I look forward to the next trip.  I forgot how much I enjoy just traveling.

Capt. Fritter


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  1. Plus, when you leave PA you’ll probably be carrying a bag of food to help make that long trip even better.