Mar 212016

I’m definitely not in Key West right now…


The locals refer to the white stuff as, “snow”.

Don’t like it.  Nope, don’t like it one bit.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “This Ain’t Right…”

  1. I’ve learned I can live with it as long as I am on one side of the window and it is on the other side. Needing to be on the same side of the window is not OK. Sure glad I have my Dave to run all our errands.

    • At least I don’t have to be out in it very much. We have a garage so it’s all inside to get to the car. I’ll survive somehow. It’s to warm up a little later this week. Still not Key West.
      C. F.

  2. I’m with Linda – if I don’t have to be out in the snow, I’m ok with it for the most part….as long as it doesn’t stick around too long. Dresden Germany probably wasn’t the wisest choice when it comes to this though….you see heaps of snow there. Fortunately, I’m in Spain for the moment on the boat. Wouldn’t you know it, the weather has been crap the last two days – rain, clouds, cold winds. But it should get nicer and warmer over the next few days. Then it’s back to Dresden for me next week until May. Hope you survive the cold there, Capt.