Mar 252016

I’m still in Pennsylvania, and will be here until the end of the month.  While the original purpose of the trip was not for the best of reasons, the rest of time up here has proven to be a good move.  I’ve been able to relax, eat way too much good food, and get recharged for the next adventure.

Because I am staying with relatives, this trip has cost me virtually nothing.  In fact, it’s been somewhat profitable.  I was able to get rid of some old assets which I had sitting around, putting some extra cash in the bank, and thanks to the generosity of someone, I am now armed with a shiny new MacAir, complete with a working battery and everything.  I cannot even begin to express how much of a difference this will make in my ability to not make enough money online. But at least I won’t have to be hooked up to power all the time.

The weather has been reasonable for this time of the year in this part of the country.  It’s been cool but the days have been comfortable.  The trees are all still dead, very little signs of spring as of yet.  It’s definitely not Key West but it’s not full blown winter either.  Still, I look forward to getting back to some tropical heat soon.

One thing everyone does up here is eat.  And I mean eat.  3 meals a day plus.  My innards are not used to such repasts and it’s been rough but I’ve somehow managed to make it through.  There has been lots of home cookin’ and some restaurant goodies as well.  One of the traditions has been this:


This is a local brand known as a Texas Hot Dog, slathered in peanut butter, with a teaberry milkshake.  Don’t judge me until you tried it.

In addition to testing the limits of my lower intestinal track, we have also been doing some exploring.  I got to visit the cemetery where my grandparents and great grandparents were buried a long time ago.  My great grandfather, whom was born 100 years before me, died 30 years before I came around.  So it was interesting to visit the place where the family grew up.  It sits in a valley, surrounded by wooded mountains, lots of farm land.  Far away from the cities.  Whilst traveling about we came across this old place:


It don’t look like much but it is the very house where said great grandfather lived, said grandfather was born in 1886, and where he raised several of my uncles and aunts.  Still standing after all these years.  It was deserted but I would have loved to have gone inside and explored a bit.  I could probably buy the damn thing for nothing.  Keep it in the family.  It was really cool to see this place.  My grandfather walked from here, 9 miles over a mountain to work in a saw mill before he got a job with the PRR.  Through two world wars and a depression he and my grandmother raised 9 kids.  Eventually the family numbered nearly 100.  All from these humble beginnings.  Just real interesting to find this old house is still standing.

I don’t have much planned for the rest of the trip.  We got the holiday this weekend and some family coming for dinner.  On the 30th I will board the train for the trip south.  I’ll be back in Key West for the weekend and from there, I have no idea what I will be doing.  I keep hoping some deal might come in where I can find a place, or a boat, and stay, but it’s unlikely.  So I’m not sure what will happen.  The only certain plan I have is to return to Pa. as usual over the Memorial Day weekend but that is 2 months away.  Then comes summer and more adventure.  I’m not minding the travel and being homeless.  In fact, I’m starting to get used to it.  With a bit more income this will become a very viable way to live.

While I don’t ever want to move back here to live, this trip was a good thing.  It made some relatives happy and I will be leaving in more better shape than when I came.  Just what I needed.  After the rough winter and all the bullshit from last year, this year has been improving steadily.  Be nice if it continued to do so.

Capt. Fritter

Hot dog and peanut butter.  Trust me.  I’m a pirate.

  7 Responses to “Relaxing, Eating, & Recharging…”

  1. Um, peanut butter does not like me so I won’t be trying that anytime soon. When you are ready to move on again you might check into air bnb. Dave’s sister says its a great way to travel on a budget.

  2. thanks for checking in with some great positive news.
    the old home is still beautiful. sad that it stands empty.
    and i’m sorry. but it’s hard for me to believe that any self respecting Texan would ever consider
    eating peanut butter on a hot dog! maybe under their BBQ sauce!!! LOL.
    had to be a yankee who thought that up.
    but. seriously. i’ll try it. I tend to believe pirates.

    • The house was built around the time of the unpleasantness of the 1860’s. I wanted to go inside and look around but the ghost of my great grandfather probably would have come after me with a shotgun. Very cool to see an important part of the family history.
      C. F.

  3. PB on a hotdog….

    I’ll admit it does not sound very appealing, but I’m always up for trying something new. Might have to give it a try, although I’m not sure of what kind of hotdog would be similar to that brand you mention. Is it like a chicken or beef hotdog?

    Glad you’ve been able to rest a bit.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you so much for sharing this. Hugs!