Mar 302016

As you read this I am on my way back to the end of the world, looking forward to warm tropical breezes, and the laid back island life of which I so richly deserve….just kidding.  I’m still in Pennsylvania.  Seems I got another delay.  Instead of sunshine and seascapes, this is my current view…


Depressing, ain’t it.  So, why ain’t I back in the Keys?  Well, this delay was a bit more painful, literally.

I mentioned in passing a few weeks ago about a problem I was having with a tooth.  A crown I had installed by a hack dentist in Key Largo was giving me fits.  The gum had swelled up and it was tender to bite on.  The tooth was more of a nuisance than a problem and due to financial issues, I left it go.  However.

Over this past weekend while the christians were celebrating the rise of zombies, the tooth began to act up.  I was having a lot of pain, the swelling was getting worse, and nothing I was doing was helping alleviate said pain.  So, rather than suffer any longer, I broke down and went to see a local dentist, who was recommended by my family.  He was a nice man, with a small office in the basement of a nice house in a nearby town.  He took one quick look at said tooth and uttered those two magic words, “root canal”.

Imagine my surprise, and glee.  He then sent me off to an orthodontist to have said procedure, procedured.  This all taking place the day before I was to board the Silver Meteor and head south.  As you might guess by now, I was not on said train.

There is some good news out of this though.  I have had damn near every known dental procedure known to mankind take place in my big mouth, from fillings to wisdom teeth to eye teeth to crowns.   But never a root canal.  Of course, everyone who has had one will attest to the sheer pain and torture of said procedure, so imagine my joy of looking forward to sitting in a chair while a sadist with a hand full of drills, hooks, picks, and other instruments of destruction came at me.  Reality was quite different.

The orthodontist was extremely good at his craft.  And quite gentle.  Once we got through the needle and novocain, and my entire jaw was numb, he went to work.  And I never felt a thing.  In fact, he was so good, I damn near fell asleep in the chair during the whole procedure.  Now, I do have to go back in another week to finish said procedure, but I do believe the worst is over with.  It really was not bad at all.  Although I’d prefer not to have to get it done again.

The doctor sent me out the door with a numb jaw, and a handful of prescriptions for antibiotics and pain killers, which I am currently taking.  While I didn’t feel anything during the procedure, my jaw is pretty achy, but otherwise I am fine.

The cost is being covered for now by a family member, otherwise I would not have had it done.  I will pay them back later as I can.  Well worth it to take care of this.  I can only imagine having this thing act up while traveling on the train or being back in Key West where the local dentist also doubles as the town blacksmith.  The tooth has been saved and the pain is gone.

The other upside is I was able to push out my train reservation to a later date, without additional cost, so I can recover and make sure everything is ok.  So, I am stuck in Pa. for a couple more weeks.  It’s not a big deal seeing as I have no home back on the island, and no real schedule to keep.  It would just be nice to be warm again but I do have a nice place to stay up here, for virtually no cost, I’m eating good.  Too good.  And I can still maintain a semblance of an income.   So when I do return to the island, I will be in more better shape financially than when I left.

My cunning plan is to stay down there until the end of May, return here to Pa. for a week over Memorial Day as is tradition, and then back to the islands for the summer.  It has all worked out way more better than I had planned, despite the setback with the tooth.  If summer doesn’t bring any more issues, the rest of the year should work out pretty nice.

So for now, I will have to tolerate the cold, dreary weather, recover from this little medical setback, and try to build up the bank account.  This digital nomad thing is working out pretty good so far.  I’m actually looking forward to the rest of the year with guarded optimism.  And a mouth full of good teeth.

Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “Drillin’ N’ Fillin’…”

  1. now ya see…
    I think that view is just beautiful.

    it could be all big ugly brick buildings. but instead… it’s green and filled with trees… so pretty.
    it HAS to be a lot better than the trailer view…
    even if that view WAS in the key!

    you’re a glass half empty pirate. but i’m glad you’re a healthy pirate once again. root canals are no fun for sure.
    have a safe trip home!

    • Green? It’s all dead trees. Spring ain’t sprung here yet. Dank, dreary, cold, and depressing. Live here long enough and you’ll keep a glass with you all the time. Filled with rum.
      C. F.

  2. Good to have family around during medical procedures. Glad you took care of it before boarding a train south. I think you have us all rooting for October to come this year. 🙂