Mar 312016

While it was good to get the tooth fixed the other day, there is a downside.  As is common with just about any trip to a medical facility, the doctor is compelled to load up the patient with prescriptions and drugs.  And now, I’m a part of it.

I despise taking any kind of drugs.  Even aspirin is a last resort.  I don’t like the effects, the cost, nor the culture.  I realize, as in this case, some of the drugs are necessary and they are doing their job.  But I still hate it.

When I went to the first dentist, he gave me a prescription for the pain.  The pills are quite strong, not sure what is in them, and they did work, although they also knocked me out.  The orthodontist also gave me some pain killers, not quite as strong, and some antibiotics to kill the infection in my tooth.  I’ve only had to use the painkillers for a day or so as the tooth has healed up quite nicely.  But the antibiotics I have to take twice a day until they are used up.  Not a big deal except the damn things are big enough to choke a manatee.  Further proof big pharma is just a bunch of greedy, sadistic bastards who get a kick out of watching us pay way too much for medicine in forms which cannot be taken by normal humans.

I tease the other members of my family as every time they sit down to dinner they all have a pile of pills they have to take.  Pain pills, antibiotics, supplements, pills for high blood pressure, pills for low blood pressure, pills for heart conditions, pills for a million other issues.  Combined they cannot be good for you.  But they are hooked and in the system.  Now I am too.

But, I’m fighting it.  The antibiotics I will take, but the pain pills will stop soon.  They do help but as the aching subsides and the tooth heals, I won’t take anymore.  Most will get tossed out.  I won’t be a pill junkie.  I don’t like the feeling of grogginess I have in the morning, I’m tired enough as it is.

I appreciate the dentist and orthodontist did their jobs and did them well.  The tooth is fixed, the pain is gone, and I feel more better.  But the culture up here, especially with a bunch of family members who are all well over 80 years old is one of dependency on the medical field.  Their social life revolves around doctor visits.  Their cupboards are filled with medicines, both prescribed and over the counter.  Every cough, every spot on the skin, every out of the ordinary symptom is a reason to go see a doctor.  I refuse to participate.

In the case of the tooth, it was a last minute decision.  I knew for sure there was something amiss and got it taken care of.  Just going to the doctor for no other reason is not what I want to be doing.  Doctors are like any profession.  They are in it to make a profit and when the patient will do anything the doctor says, said profits can add up.  It’s an attitude which may well cost me dearly someday, but I would rather not be a part of a paranoid culture who fears every little ache and pain.

For now, I’ll take the horse pills, and let the tooth heal properly.  It’s coming along fine and by the time I head back to the islands, I’ll be in more better shape.  Just hope I’m not addicted now, destined to a life of dependency, a pawn in the game of drugs.  Destined to die alone, in a stupor, in a room which reeks of cat pee.

Have a good day everyone!

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “I Am A Pill Junkie Now…”

  1. I think you already did your time in the destined room with bed bugs and whores…
    so i’d say you probably won’t have to relive it on this planet anyway. and amazingly enough you didn’t die… much less fall into a stupor. you wrote a frickin NOVEL!!!
    what’s a little root canal compared to that?
    i’d say ditch whatever pain pills he gave you and if the pain is really bad… take a couple of Tylenol.
    you won’t wind up addicted to them. the other? I don’t know. I wouldn’t risk it past a couple of days.
    any surgery I’ve had I quit THEIR pain meds after one day. too strong. scary to me. we can all stand some pain anyway.
    your medicine is the sunshine of the key! ♥

  2. yes. important.
    because an infection in your tooth can go straight to your heart.
    hard to believe but people have died from it.
    so please do take them ALL. not just when you start to feel better!
    but then you know all that.
    this too shall pass. 🙂