Apr 032016

This sure as hell ain’t the Keys.  As I write this post the forecast is for lows in the 20’s, high winds, cloudy, and a dusting of snow.  The coming week, my last up here, is nothing but more of the same.  Lots of cold weather, rain, sleet, dreary, and depressing.  I’m ready for some tropical climate.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s been a good trip.  I got spoiled rotten with lots of home cookin’, some nice gifts, and a free place to stay.  In fact I haven’t paid rent since I left the trailer trash hilton.  And been living more better since I left.  But, it’s not where I want to be.  I miss the islands and I’m ready to head back.  One more week to go.

The tooth was a major setback but the upside is it seems to be healing up quite nicely.  I can eat normally now, there is no pain, and I should get a clear bill of health when I go back to the dentist this week.  The only pills I’m taking now are the horse pills with the antibiotics.  They will be done with next week and I should be back to normal.

While it has been a good trip, life up here is just like I remember it.  The days are spent eating, watching tv, eating, going shopping, eating, going to the doctors, and eating.  It’s boring and depressing especially with the lousy weather.  Television is even worse these days than when I watched it years ago.  Crap shows and lots of commercials.  At least I’ve been able to spend time on the computer and plot my evil plans for the future.

I’m still unsure what I will do once I get back to Key West.  I have to take care of some minor things but beyond those, I have nothing else going on.  Affordable places to live are non existent right now so I’m not sure where or what I will do.  I look at boat ads but the longer I go without owning anything, the less I want to own anything.  It’s been really kind of nice to be able to pick up and travel on a moments notice without worrying about leaving anything behind or being obligated to return at any specific time.   I do plan on coming back up here around Memorial Day weekend so if I could find something temporary and cheap it would be really nice.  So far, nothing has come up.

I’m picking up on finding more better ways to travel, more options for places to stay, and not spend so much money every month.  The bus and train options have proven to be a good idea.  Although, the recent shooting at the station in Richmond, where I was a few weeks ago, and a train derailment near Ft. Lauderdale, where I will be traveling in another week, do give one pause.  But, I’ll take my chances.

Since I’m not on any real timelines, I find myself taking longer trips and enjoying the rides.  With the ability to hook up online on the bus and train, and more comfy seats, I don’t mind being on the move longer, as opposed to trying to get someplace in a big hurry.   It has worked out to my advantage to take my time and not be in such a rush.

Traveling light makes a big difference.  I did upgrade whilst up here from my small messenger bag, which I will keep, to a larger Marmot backpack with lots of pockets and a little more room to carry the essentials.  When I get a chance I’ll do a 100 Things inventory to show you all what I am traveling with.  It’s not much and it makes travel way more easy.

So, for one more week I’ll put up with the cold, enjoy the good food, and get ready for a long train ride and short bus trip back to the end of the world.  Take care of some things, and then see which way the warmer winds blow.  This spring has turned out way more better than I had planned.  I hope summer does the same.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Cloudy, Windy, & Cold…”

  1. Be careful that the larger bag doesn’t encourage making it too heavy to be comfortable. I usually do fine until I decide to add a couple water bottles.

  2. just had a thought capt…
    are there any hostels in the key? they are sometimes very inexpensive… simple… safe.
    if you were going to only stay until your return trip in may it might work for you.
    that new bag is terrific. especially since it only ways a little over two pounds!