Apr 082016

The month of April is only one week old.  So far, it has rained, got foggy, snowed, sleet, and then, this stuff…


This is hail, in case you were wondering.  It’s been cold every damn day and more snow is forecast for the weekend.

I vaguely remember something about a bright, warm, shiny object which traversed across the sky spreading heat and light upon the land.  Just a legend I guess.  The memories fade with age you know.

This weather reminds me of why I left this place many years ago.  And why I’ll be leaving again next week.  It’s been fun visiting family and all, and had this damn tooth not acted up, I would already be back on the island, but here I sit for a few more days.  I’m so ready to head south and get warm again.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “7 Days In April…”

  1. hug your mother you fool!
    I like the new captcha! LOLOL

  2. Our day today cannot decide what it wants to be–we are alternating between bright sunshine and view blocking snow. We never used to get snow in April. We could use some of the warm part of global warming. But, this summer I will probably be sorry I said that.