Apr 192016

Last week I returned to Key West, mainly to take care of some minor but important things.  Having taken care of said things I stuck around seeing if I could find a place to stay, at least for a month or so until I returned back up north.  I looked everywhere and for anything, even tenting at some campgrounds in Central Florida, with no luck.  There just wasn’t anything, especially in the Keys.  Well, nothing I could afford.  So…

I grabbed a cheap flight out of Ft. Lauderdale and find myself back in Pa. with family again.  It wasn’t my favorite choice but it was the one which made the most financial sense.  I got my room, a comfy bed, lots of good eating, and little expense.  Winter was still in effect when I left last week but now it has warmed up and even though evenings will be cold, I don’t have to go out in it.

I’ll be staying here this time through May and probably the first couple weeks of June.  I will use this time to build up some cash reserves, I hope, and maybe find a place back home in the islands.  The season is about over now and maybe some little hovel will come up which I can afford, at least through the rest of the year.

I’m a little depressed to be back here in this dreary place but as I said, it makes the most financial sense.  I won’t have any distractions and not have to worry about the basics for a little while.  Then, maybe I can slide through the summer and get things rolling again this fall.

Don’t expect a whole lot of posting while I’m here.  It’s not the most inspiring place in the world and it’s about as far removed from island life as one can get.  But, I will see what I can come up with.  All I’m trying to do is get through the rest of this year, then a whole new world will open up.  Right now, it’s just cruise control.

Capt. Fritter

  6 Responses to “Oh Well, At Least The Weather Is More Better…”

  1. It’s a perfect time to enjoy family, and contemplate a winter move to Maui.

    Life will get more better for Capt. Fritter!

  2. I hate to wish away the summer I’ve been craving but October can’t come too soon for you. I hope you can find a place in either the Keys or Maui before then.

  3. ditto JG and linda!
    it’s all gonna happen now capt. just a matter of short time now.
    actually you could really use this time for some great research on just what you want to do.
    i’m so glad you have family at this time. you’d be up the crick without a paddle if not for that “cold” place you hate!!!
    at least it’s moving into summer. so it’s GOTTA WARM UP!

  4. p.s.
    I forgot to mention.
    the marine and I went to see ‘ the jungle book ‘ today.
    RUN don’t walk to see this movie.
    it’s AMAZING. and WONDERFUL.
    it’s stunning.
    well worth it. and you can’t say that about many of them these days.

  5. Always hard to leave somewhere you don’t want to, but I bet you will find things to look forward to where u are living.

  6. why don’t you get a real job and make some money to live on? where you want to live?
    seems you are really lucky to have family that will take you in whenever you want….