May 122016

If you have been wondering where I have been, it’s mainly in bed, with the cold from hell.  This one has lasted over 2 weeks now.  Most of the worst has passed except for a nagging cough, shades of the crud I had last winter, and being weak and tired all the time.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  When I lived up here in the far north, these types of colds were common.  I would get them all the time.  The weather is the biggest culprit.

I assume the sun has burned out and is no longer working as I haven’t seen it in over a month.  Every day, without fail is foggy, rainy, cloudy, and cold.  It’s unending with no signs of anything ever resembling the sunny, warm weather I am used to.  Everything is damp, cold, and depressing.  So it’s no wonder I am sick again.

Being in a building full of 90 year olds doesn’t help.  I get to ride the elevator with them, eat with them, so it’s no wonder I have picked up a bug.  I can’t remember the last time I even talked to someone my own age.

It’s really starting to get to me.  I work on the computer most of the time but have no inspiration to do anything.  Income has been sparse but at least expenses are low.  Still, I long to get back to the islands, it just a matter of when.

I am shooting for early June to go back but I haven’t found anything remotely affordable for living accommodations.  I do have to go and take care of some minor things and I can always come back up here if necessary but I’m pushing my luck taking advantage of everyone’s generosity.  I need to get back on my own again and soon.

Things will change for the more better at the end of the year but said end of year is long way off.  I know what I need to get by until then but getting there will be the hard part.  So for now, I just lay around, coughing and hacking, and freezing.  I’m sure somewhere, someplace, the sun is shining, but it sure as hell ain’t here.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Coldy McColdface…”

  1. This year’s cold/flu seems to hang around forever! Sun would help. We get some sun here but not enough to totally shake off my cough and energize me. I sure hope we both get fully recovered sometime soon!

  2. oh capt.
    I know it must seem like you’ll never get back to living your normal life.
    but you will.
    and I would bet money that you are severely deficient in vitamin D.
    one of the signs is depression and low immunity.
    and if you’re deficient enough … a multivitamin just won’t cut it.
    and it’s so cheap! and it’s a tiny little gel capsule. easy to take.
    get you some! and just at least try it. it might make a difference old pirate!
    at least until you can get back into the REAL sunshine.
    a get well soon snoopy hug on its way to you in the land of cold and dark. XO

    • Vitamin D from a pill? How about some sunlight? An actual day of sunshine. Weekend forecast is rain, cold, frost warning, chance of snowflakes in the upper elevations. In May.
      C. F.