May 292016

If there is one upside to being stuck up here in the northern hinterlands it’s the fact I’m eating good.  Too good sometimes.  Everyone up here is really, really, into food.  If they ain’t eatin’ they are planning on eatin’.  Three squares a day plus plenty of snacking in between.  Obesity is not an epidemic here, it’s a way of life.  Everyone is fat, and if they ain’t, they will be eventually.  Nobody walks around here, rather they waddle.  And I am not ashamed to be taking part in it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  After a year or so of Dollar store and microwave menu’s, chowing down on some real food is kinda, sorta, nice.  I can’t eat the three a days everyone else does.  I tried but it was just too much to eat in any one day.  I’ve cut back to a light lunch, big dinner, and whatever I might crave in between.

Everyone likes to eat out a lot but I’m not very big on chain restaurants, which is all there is up here.  I’d rather hit a local spot for the catch of the day or something a bit more non factory prepared.  So I eat in as much as I can.

Unsurprisingly, food at the grocerterias is way more cheaper than at the end of the world.  And a nice bonus, seafood is readily available, shipped in from said end of the world.  I’ve been able to score some mighty fine Key West Pink Shrimp which if you’ve never had, you need to try.  I’ve also been enjoying some good mahi-mahi fillets.  This is a very mild and tasty fish.  Great for broiling.  As for price difference?  In Publix a pair of fillets will cost $11.  I scored a bag of 10! fillets for $8.  Coupled with fresh corn on the cob imported from Florida, I’ve been enjoying some really good eats.

Most of the good local produce won’t be showing up until the fall harvest season but the imported stuff has been great.  And then there are the local brands.

There is of course, my beloved Middleswarth.  The greatest potato chips of all time.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mallo Cups.  If you never have, you need to try these.  Get the dark chocolate and stick them in the freezer.  More better than peanut butter cups.

Gardner’s Candies round out the sweet goodies.  Been partaking of peanut butter meltaways, nonpareils, and their cashews all my life.

Alas, there is one thing missing from this great feast.  Can you guess what it may be?  Yes.  Sadly, the heathens up here have no conception of Key Lime Pie.  They will make pies out of weird things like apples, cherries, or pumpkins, but no Key Lime.  I can get the juice at the store and try making my own, but haven’t yet.  Can’t have everything I guess.

Anyways, as you can see, food is not an issue at the moment.  I’ve been eating damn good and enjoying it.  I’ve been getting a lot of home cookin’ from the family and on occasion I have amazed them by actually cooking myself.  Imagine it.  A 61 year old man who has lived on his own all his life and actually knows how to cook.  What are the odds?

No doubt I’ve put on some weight since I came up here but it’s ok.  The enjoyment of decent meals more than makes up for it.  I’ll be back to watery gruel and stone soup soon enough so I’ll enjoy it while I can.  Excuse me now, it’s time to go eat.

Capt. Fritter




  2 Responses to “At Least I Ain’t Starving…”

  1. Up north here it is always time to go eat. Glad you are getting to indulge in it but I agree about not trying to eat all the things all the time. We rarely go out to eat but when we do I nearly always bring half my food back home to eat for my next meal. I like to put half in a to go box before I start eating to help me stop when I’ve had enough.

  2. I tend to eat 3 times a day, but breakfast is typically an apple or banana and lunch is normally a tuna and veggie wrap or something light. Dinner is normally chicken with a side of salad or other greens and a small portion of potatoes or rice. Sometimes I’ll throw together a one pot meal of beans and veggies, or a chili, etc.

    Glad to hear you are eating well – nothing quite like a satisfied stomach to make life seem a little rosier.