Jun 152016

Been talking to long time Fritter Fan Rich, whom is currently stuck up north as I am for the moment.  While Rich has something akin to a, “real job”, whatever the hell it is, he has been busy playing around on Amazon.

Seems Amazon has something called Amazon FBA.  What you can do is sign up for a sellers account, get some stuff to sell, ship it to Amazon, and they will put it in their vast inventory, sell it for you, and send you boxes of money when said stuff sells.  Pretty decent little set up if you don’t have room to keep a bunch of stuff to sell.

Rich has been going through old possessions and hitting the occasional yard sale or bargain bin and he has been kicking ass with some good sales months.  If you want to see what he currently has go to 7MileCommerce and take a look around.

This is the sort of thing one can do to make some side cash without a lot of work or investment.  Find some things to sell, ship them off to Amazon, let them do the hard part.  And just wait for the money to come rolling in.  I’m constipating about doing something similar if I can find some stuff to sell.  May be time to hit the yard sales and see what I can find.

Good job Rich.

Capt. Fritter


  3 Responses to “A Fellow Fritter Is Doing Well…”

  1. Thank you for the kind words!! Amazon has been going great so far!! I’m learning as I go, but I can’t complain at all. If anyone has any questions on what or how I’m doing it, I’ll be more than happy to answer the best I can.

  2. Rich has an interesting collection of items to sell.

    I just read on another blog that researching what sold on eBay is a good way to learn what to look for at yard sales and how to price them. That author says you need to list things that sell for more than $15 if you are going to sell on eBay to make it worth the listing and packaging. But I like this idea of letting Amazon do your selling for you.