Jun 272016

The days just seems to drag by up here in one of the most boring places on the planet.  I sit in my room all day like a lump trying to eke out some money on the computer.  In between, all I do is eat or go get stuff to eat.  I get no exercise at all and have lost all desire to go out and do anything, which works out well as there is nothing up here to do which interests me.  All people do around here is eat, work, and when they ain’t working nor eating they are working on their homes.  Cutting grass, cleaning, you know….all the shit I vowed to never do again.  As a result I’ve put on about 10lbs of fat and lost all my energy and stamina.

Oh, there are some places to go.  A new waterpark opened up down the road.  Fancy slides and even a wave pool.  $30 a day if you got the cash.  The lakes are not far away but it takes 3 months of planning for a few hours on the water.  Hardly worth the effort.  And not exactly like living on the ocean neither.  No manatees come around here for a visit.  Hell, nobody up here even knows what a manatee is.

At least the weather has gotten more better.  While the evenings are still chilly it does get into the 80’s sometimes during the day but without the high humidity nor pleasant sea breeze.  There is a lot of rain here and not the pop up quick showers like back home.  More like all day, grey, cold rain.  I can’t remember the last time I seen a proper sunset. I seem to have developed allergies to all the pollen and other shit in the air.  One eye keeps watering up all the time and I cough almost constantly.

The food has been good, can’t complain much about it.  There is an Amish market not far from here where we go and get some fresh produce.  Corn will be coming in later this summer.  But on occasion we go out to eat at one of many chain restaurants.  While the home cooking is great, the restaurant food is bland, salty, fatty, and over priced.  I hate sitting at tables with fake decors.  The waitresses all talk down to you like you are a 2 year old when they are serving you.  Give me a sassy old pirate wench at one of the local places on the island anytime.

BTW, a quick update in regards to my dropping Sprint recently, I did go with Skype and a new phone number, no big deal.  I kept my hotspot but cut back for now on how much data I pay for, and set up the apartment broadband with wifi.  My monthly bill went from $208 to $25.  So yeah, good move.  My iPhone now is a wifi only device which is fine.  Given how few phone calls I make, it will work out ok.  I’ll keep this set up until the new iPhones come out and decide what I want to do then.

I haven’t spoken to anyone my own age since I moved here.  Everyone I encounter is 80 or older.  I am in contact with a few friends I grew up with by way of Facebook, but they never seem to have time to get together.  Speaking of Facebook, I have been using it and Twitter to promote the blog/ebooks/apps.  I was not real thrilled to get into the whole social media thing to begin with but it is a necessary evil when you are promoting stuff.  And now, after a year or so, it’s paying off a little.

I don’t have many friends, big surprise, maybe a couple dozen.  But this is by design.  My first go around with FB back when I had the paddle board company I befriended as many people as I could.  It got ridiculous when I hit over 400 friends.  I actually knew about 12 so when I closed down the company, I dropped FB.  Now I keep only a select few friends and rarely add any new ones.  Instead I do most of my social stuff on FB in the many groups they have.

You can find a group for damn near any subject in there and right now I am a member of a few including:

Key West Cribs a decent but futile group to find a place to live in Key West.

Key West and All Key West Local Businesses a good place to promote a local business.

Key West Yard Sale alway a bargain to be had and the occasional boat for sale.

Key West Share A Ride always somebody with an extra seat going north or south.

Marathon area Monthly Rentals if one is interested in living up the road a piece.

And some non Key West groups:

Digital Nomads Around The World see how other nomads are getting along in other corners of the planet.

Webworktravel more digital nomad stuff.

Backpacking and Beaching exactly what it sounds like.

And my most recent group I joined:

The Minimalist Life  all about Minimalism

This last one has been a favorite lately.  The group has over 8000 members and is growing fast.  Minimalism has taken root and is becoming a very popular subject.  The discussions are pretty good and there are lot of good tips and tricks in there for the beginner.

Two things I have noticed about minimalism in this group.

A.  The vast majority of members are wimmen.  They seem to be the ones saddled with taking care of all their shit so they are the ones most interested in ridding themselves of said shit.

2.  For some reason, everyone in there equates organization and cleanliness with minimalism.  It’s a strange correlation.  Just because everything is neat and clean and tidy and stowed away don’t mean it’s minimal.  Lots of shit is still lots of shit, no matter how it’s organized.

Anyways, the discussions have been fun and I use this and all the other groups to point some traffic back to the Fritter and my vast online empire.  So far it’s paid off with some increase in traffic and the occasional book sale.

For those of you who are on FB, and I suspect there are a few, joining groups like these can really help if you are looking for more information on a particular subject or just want to chat about said subject.  It can be more fun than looking at pictures of what your friends had for lunch at work yesterday.

So, in the meantime, here I sit, alone in my room counting the days until I can move out of here and go home.  I’m bored, unhappy, and uninspired to do anything.  I’m stuck and there is little I can do about it until then.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to have a place to stay during this rough patch, but damn, it sure will be good to be back on the island.

Capt. Fritter

Sigh…..six more months to go.


  2 Responses to “Wasting Time On Facebook…”

  1. Go for walks to clear your mind and stay healthy for better days to come. All of the eating and lying around could be setting you up for a heart attack. Get your ass in gear. Six months and you’ll be on-the-move!

  2. JG…
    spoken like a REAL friend!

    i’m trying to walk more too capt.
    even if I have to go to the mall to do it. and it looks like I’ll have to.
    can’t take the heat the way you can! I know you thrive on it.
    and it’s trying to kill me.