Jul 042016

Look at this monstrosity.


I’ve been told it is a, “pie”.  But I don’t see any evidence of Key Lime.  Do you see any Key Lime?  I don’t.  It’s because there ain’t any.  Key Lime pie is yellow, not red.  And what’s with the criss cross design on the top?  Is it crust?  On top of whatever the hell this thing is?

I asked and they said it was made with something called, “cherries”.  Cherries.  In a pie.  What next?  Apples?  This place is so goddammed uncivilized.  I need to get back to the islands.  Fast.

Capt. Fritter


  4 Responses to “Blasphemy!…”

  1. OMG!
    get thee behind me satan!!!!

    I LOVE cherry pie.
    and they made the dang pie because it’s perfect for the INDEPENDENCE DAY holiday!
    it’s in honor of George Washington and his cherry tree and not cutting it down or something.

    YOU could buy some limes and MAKE THEM a key lime pie you know. JUST SAY’IN.

    • It’s a lie. GW grew Key Lime trees. The cherry trees were a myth perpetuated by Big Cherry.
      C. F.

  2. Dave and I both laughed out loud at this one. Dave’s also loves key lime pie. There’s a sort of version you can buy in the freezer section of our grocery store but it’s not REAL key lime pie.

    • They actually sliced this slop up and put it on the picnic table. And then the heathens ate it! Put me off of my hot dog and peanut butter.
      C. F.