Jul 072016

Take a look…


What you are looking at is not the back storage of the local wallymart.  This is the garage which belongs to the apartment where I am currently staying.  Most of what you see here, including more shelves back against the wall, is decorations.  Decorations for all year round.  From New Years till xmas, and everything in between, contained therein said shelves, boxes, bags, and drawers, are wreathes, bows, garlands, statues, figurines, baubles, gewgaws, dust catchers, and space takers.  Everything and anything which can be hung, draped, lit up, set on a table, floor, shelf, or other flat surface.  Piles of junk, crap, and shit to celebrate whatever the current season or holiday happens to be happening according to our western calendars.  And all for a single apartment.

We just took down all the patriotic stuff yesterday.  Since the beginning of May until after the 4th of July, the place looked like a political convention.  Red, white, and blue in every nook and cranny.  Now things are bit more sedate with summer flower stuff all around.  Come September, there will be fall decorations with dead leaves, punkins, and lots of oranges, browns, and reds.  But the big one is December, right after Turkey day when the entire place looks like the spirit of xmas took a big shit in every room.

It’s crazy and more keeps getting added to the pile.  With every shopping trip or sale some new bauble is picked up.  Although it has slowed down just a tad.  After all, the ceiling in the garage is only so high.

I keep threatening to start taking said shit and storing it in the local dumpster where it will be safe and out of the way but all I get are eye rolls.  And I have been told the pile will start to diminish as everyone ages.  It’s getting to be a chore to put all the crap up and then take it all down again.  I’ll believe it when I don’t see it.

Darwin forbid anything should happen to anyone.  I will be left to deal with this mess.  It will take a long time to sort through it all and do something with it.  Sell it, donate it, have a magnificent and colorful bonfire in the parking lot.  Whatever, I’m not looking forward to it.  It’s going to be bad enough dealing with rooms full of furniture and closets full of clothes, let alone all the regular stuff which occupies space in this small apartment.

I knew there was a lot but didn’t realize how much there was until I helped pack away the shit yesterday.  The stuff itself is bad enough.  But some of the those storage boxes like the ones on top, just for wreathes have to be expensive.

But, I may as well talk to the ghosts of my cats.  I would get about as much response.  This crap makes everyone happy. They live for said holidays and the changing of the seasons.  Me?  I would narrow the holidays down to one or two, or none.  And keep one season…summer.  And be happy with it.

I look at all this and just shake my head.  Then I go to my room and look at my little backpack.  Minimalism.  It’s more better.


Fits all seasons and all holidays.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “All Seasons, All Holidays…”

  1. We’re down to two birthdays and one wedding anniversary which we celebrate by going out to dinner. Once the leftover food is gone we are done. We do have some decorative things in our apartment but they are things that have meaning for us like one each of our mother’s paintings, three of Dave’s photographs, a small sandcastle from our daughter, and a beautiful vase from Dave’s sister which was a thank you for getting them out of a dilemma. Those would all fit in your backpack. 🙂

  2. Believe me, it could be a lot worse Captain. If this is all of the stuff you’ve got to deal with one day, it looks a lot brighter than what many others will be facing.

  3. I left you a comment over on Facebook about what to do with the STUFF when the time comes.

    This post makes me want to just start throwing some of my crap away without even peeking under the lids.
    I have some “Holiday” containers in the basement that I haven’t opened for YEARS.
    Every year I do LESS though!
    I’ll always have a few things but I’d rather have a handful of greatly loved items that mean something to me
    than a pile of commercial holiday doodads.
    I’m getting there.