Jul 142016

It ain’t all bad here.  If you stay away from the restaurants there is some good food around.  Some of it is just now ready for harvest like these:

Image 2

These are Lodi apples.  Very similar if not the same as the store bought Granny Smith.  A bit softer but with the same flavor.  They are used to make applesauce, which we did.

Peel them up and cut them into real small slices.  Put in a pot with some water and boil until they become soft like you were making mashed potatoes.  Drain and run them through one of these things:

Put them back in the pot and add sugar to taste.

Image 3

Cook until the sugar dissolves.  And you have homemade applesauce.


Extremely tasty hot or cold, just add a bit of cinnamon.

We got a bushel of these from one of the local amish farms.  It’ll make enough to get through the rest of the year and possibly through winter.  This was always a real treat when I was a kid.  My grandmother was a master at making this stuff so it brings back some pretty good memories.

By the way, a bushel of these apples, all of which were about the size of a softball, cost $16.  One apple at the Publix in Key West, a Honeycrisp, $5.

Capt. Fritter

I like my apples like I like my wimmen.  Hard, green, and sour.


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  1. oh good lord.
    hard green and sour? LOLOL!