Aug 232016

Summer ended over the weekend here in the southern Arctic known as central Pennsylvania.  For the past few weeks it has been nice and warm, temps up near 90, with lows at night in the 70’s, and all everyone did around here is bitch about the heat.  Except me of course.  But on the past Sunday, a line of thunderstorms came across, just like it does in Florida in January, followed by a sudden drop in temperatures.  Now the highs are in the 70’s and the lows in the 50’s.  Nearly a 20 degree difference.  In the middle of August.  And I am feeling it.

I woke up the day after said front with a headache, slight fever, and swollen sore throat.  I haven’t felt right the whole time I have been here, suffering from allergies and depression, and this doesn’t help things.  Unlike a certain peanut which thrives in cold weather, this is not ideal fritter weather.  Oh, it’s to warm back up a little later in the week but the hot summer is over now.

The weather bunnies are doing their happy dance with the change in seasons.  Gleefully reporting the ‘relief’ from the heat.  All the stores can now sell all the heavy winter clothes they have had out on the racks since June.  With hunting season right around the corner, the sporting good stores can now move all those guns, ammo, and camouflage gear.  If there is one thing this area of the country has, it’s a definite dislike for summer.  All everyone around here did for the last few months was bitch about the heat.  Well, they got their wish.  Fall is here.  Hope they are happy.

I moved to Florida, specifically to get away from cold weather.  To me, cold weather hurts.  It’s actually painful.  And of course, when it does it turn cold, I am completely unprepared, and wind up sick, which I am…again.  I’ve always been a summer person.  I relish being able to go out in the heat and sunshine.  When I complain about the cold around here, said complaints are meant with derision and scorn.  I am considered weak and all this sickness I allegedly suffer from is just in my head.  This from the same people who won’t leave their air conditioned hotel room in Key West until after dark because they are afraid of the big scary shiny yellow thing in the sky which darkens the skin.  Seriously, they all look like albino’s around here.

Well, for now I can’t do much about my predicament.  I will have to try and stay as warm as I can and deal with the allergies and colds for a few more months.  I know, eventually, things will be more better when I am finally back in the islands where I belong.  Where winter is just something you watch on the weather channels.  Where you can leave the windows open in January and not run a damn heater.  Where you can wear the same clothes in winter as you do in summer.  Those days are coming, just not soon enough.

But damn, it sure would have been nice if summer had stayed just a wee bit longer.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Already???…”

  1. for once I have nothing smart aleck to say.
    because I KNOW what it’s like to live where your soul is not.
    it’s the worst.
    mine just happens to be the opposite of yours. still… we both endure it.
    and i’m honored to be mentioned in the manatee fritter.
    hope you get well soon.

  2. I relate. My neighbor once told me my legs were fish-belly white. They still are.