Aug 232016

You’ve read the book.  But did you ever wonder what the Captain looks like?  Well, here is his standard wardrobe in all it’s glory:

Wait!  What do you mean, you haven’t read the book????  What the hell is the matter with you?  It has everything you could want in a single download…drama, comedy, romance, intrigue, mermaids, pirate battles, princesses, and it’s all mostly, sorta, kinda, true.  In some respects.  Grab a download and enjoy.  More better than anything you have read so far this year.  Would I lie to you?

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Are You Ready?…”

    i’m now waiting for the sequel. it left with a cliff hanger. I want to know what happened when… well. YOU know.
    I laughed right out loud most of the way through it. and once i also felt moved to tears.
    it’s a keeper.
    but truly…
    are you working on its sequel? i hope you are.

  2. When the captain in the book was finally ready, how much of even that did he actually need? 🙂