Sep 072016

With the official end of summer in the rearview mirror, because anywhere north of Florida, summer ends at Labor Day, it means the start of 9 months of cold, dreary, depressing, lifeless, meaningless, drudgery.  Everybody dresses down in dark heavy clothing.  The short days are spent cleaning up leaves, shoveling snow, or scraping ice.  Not even the holidays can cheer anyone up.  Where I am staying it won’t be long before I will be staring at this again…



My depression, already at alarming heights will only deepen as the weather gets colder.  I have little desire to do anything.  I just sit in this ugly little apartment, sadden by what I have lost, and can only hope things will someday be more better.  But it’s just one long dreary day after another……Just Kidding….

I’m back home in Key West!


Capt. Fritter

  6 Responses to “The Loooong Winter Ahead…”

  1. Dream or Reality?

  2. Funny how I can be so happy for someone and yet so jealous all at once, haha. Good for you. Can’t wait to see the update of what’s behind it!

  3. Yay!!!

  4. don’t tell me…
    does it involve a rich mermaid???
    congrats capt!