When In Doubt, There Are Always Sunsets…

It’s been far too long since I have seen a proper sunset.  You don’t get them up there in the hinterlands.  The sun vanishes way too quickly behind the mountains and doesn’t have the same pizzazz as it does here in Key West.  Nobody celebrates sunsets like they do here at the end of the world.

So, with a bit of a happier attitude than what I have had over the past few months, I trudged down to the west side of the island to view yet another end to the day and enjoy the celebration.  And I was not disappointed.  It was another spectacular spectacle of nature.  The big shiny yellow ball, which I have missed so much was out there in all it’s glory.  The horizon where the ocean falls away, looked as good as ever.  It made me feel I was finally home again.


When I got home and began to sort through the pictures I took of said celestial celebration, I noticed something very odd and different about this one compared to all the other ones.  There was something very unusual about this particular sunset which sets it off from all the other Key West sunsets I have witnessed.  Take a look:





Can you see it?  Look closer.  It’s not readily apparent and to the average person, no different than any other sunset, but trust me, (You can trust me!), the difference is there.  It’s minor but it’s there.

Can’t find it?

Ok, tell you what I am going to do.  I’m going to let you all stew on this for a few days before I give the big reveal.  Take a close look, tell your friends, feel free to share on your FB or Twitter page.  See if you can figger it out.  If you think you know, send your answer by way of the comments.  There is no prize here, just some fun trying to find out what is so unusual about said sunset.  I’ll let you all know if anybody was able to solve the mystery.


Have at it.

Capt. Fritter