Sep 152016

But not your shoes.

It’s a custom amongst most households in Hawaii to leave one’s shoes at the door when entering somebody’s home.  Not a problem says I.


Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “You Can Leave Your Hat On…”

  1. That would be a problem for me. I get foot conditions that are contagious and require medicine that leaves footprints. I love going barefoot but only do it in my own home between flareups.

  2. I am ALWAYS barefoot in my home! I am right now.
    and in the winter I wear socks. 🙂
    I love most Asian customs.
    leaving the dust of the world outside.
    and it makes it so much easier to keep clean.
    i’m having to catch up. not used to your posting so often again. I love it!