The First Week In Maui…

I’ve put in a full week here on Maui and I have to say it was a good move to come here.  The vibe I’ve been getting from this place has been all positive so far.  The island feels, for lack of more better words, like home.  I don’t feel like an outcast nor outsider.  I guess all the pre trip exploration online helped more than I realized.  Finding my way around has been easy.  The weather has been unbelievably nice, even more better than I was expecting, and I haven’t had any unpleasant surprises.

I probably spent more than I had planned the first week but it’s to be expected.  I needed to pick up a few minor things I didn’t carry with me, mostly personal stuff, and I have eaten out at a few small restaurants on occasion which is always more expensive.

This is poke'. A local favorite. Now it's mine too.
This is poke’. A local favorite. Now it’s mine too.

Food is going to be a challenge budget wise.  The grocery stores are well stocked but everything is definitely more expensive than the Keys.  It’s not a huge deal but I will need to adjust accordingly so as not to spend more than I can afford.  I am in bad need of a dietary adjustment anyways and this seems like the perfect time to do so.  More on the food thingie in a later post.

My room is about as good as I could hope for.  The landlady is pretty laid back.  She doesn’t drink nor play loud music.  Works most of the time and we seem to get along pretty good.  The place itself is simple and easy to take care of.  On the ground floor it’s quite comfortable.  The weather is such there is no need to run air conditioning.  Ceiling fans and open windows are more than sufficient to cool the place.  I’ve had no trouble sleeping other than still adjusting to the time change.

The island is tropical and thus has similar issues as the Keys do.  It’s buggy.  Ants are everywhere, including the apartment.  I’m guessing roaches are around but I haven’t seen any yet.  Mosquitoes are supposedly bad but I suspect they are worse when one gets back into the tropical rain forests.  So far, I haven’t seen any.

There are little lizards all over, just like in Florida, but no iguanas.  There are also no squirrels, possum, raccoons, gators, crocodiles, bears, nor snakes.  Sadly, no manatee neither.  But lots of sea turtles and as I have mentioned before, whales gather offshore in the winter.  Looking forward to seeing them.

The island is busy.  People coming and going to work everyday.  Tourists on vacation are everywhere.  Like any other tourist destination, most businesses are geared toward the tourist dollar.  There are dozens of little shops, restaurants, watersports companies, and the like all over the place.  Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking are big around here and hopefully, I can get back into said sports later on.

img_4326The parks along the beaches are really nice.  Well kept and clean.  Always people there enjoying the water and views.  Everything seems clean and most of the lawns, grounds, and other areas are well kept.  You don’t see a lot of garbage lying around.  The inhabitants seem to be very environmentally conscious and adamant about keeping the islands tidy.  Something the Keys could learn from.

The people themselves who live here are unusually friendly and polite.  Many a time a stranger will walk by whilst I am sitting at the bus stop and say hello.  It’s a bit disconcerting because anytime a stranger back in Florida comes up to you and says hello, they want something.  All this friendliness will take some getting used to.

It’s not all good.  There is a major homeless problem out here.  I’ve seen more than a few urban outdoorsmen hanging around the parks, riding the bus, and shambling down the street.  I’m guessing they are here because of the weather and just trying to survive.  Others may not have the means to leave or are so strung out on booze and drugs they don’t care.  So far, I haven’t had any issues and don’t plan on any.

Perhaps what has really made this journey so enjoyable, aside from the weather, new digs, the ocean, and the fact I am in freaking Maui, is the fact I am under no pressure.  I have no deadlines at the moment, no stress, my income has stabilized, and I only need to watch my spending to stay within budget.  I have all I need in terms of possessions although the new iPhone will be an upcoming purchase.  As you can tell, I now have time to post properly on the this here blog, and after I get a bit more settled into island living, I will start to explore Maui in more detail.  And I will say, minimalism, and a complete lack of debt played major roles in enabling me to realize my lifelong dream of coming out here.  It made a difference.

It’s way too early to make any kind of decision but I could see this move easily becoming permanent.  I may well change my mind later on but the entire vibe from this place has been positive.  Been a while since I have felt this way and I like it.  Late next year I have to make a decision as to keeping my Florida residency or making a change.  So, I have some time to make said decision.  If Maui continues to be like it was this first week, I will be hard pressed to return to Florida.  But as I said, said decision is a ways off yet.  For now, I intend to enjoy the island and all it has to offer.  And I will share it all here on the Fritter.

Mahalo for stopping by.

Capt. Fritter