Prepare To Tack…

Some of you older Fritter fans may remember Julia from her Journey To Minimalism blog.  There she wrote about her major life change from a debt ridden worker bee to becoming a world traveler, sailing the Med., and living a real life.

Well, Julia is now ready to share her experiences and expertise for anyone looking to make a career change.  Come take a look at Prepare To Tack.  As the name implies, this is for anyone looking to change direction in their life and work careers.  In addition to providing advice on the blog, Julia is offering a variety of one on one coaching and counseling packages to help anyone interested in making more better choices in their working life.

Julia has extensive experience in the field of recruiting and with an attitude towards helping others, and she is preparing to embark on a…um…new tack of her own.  Helping others to fulfill their dreams and wishes for a more better and fulfilling career.

If you saw how far Julia has come in the past few years from a dead end life with debt, burdened down by possessions, and stuck in a rut, to where she is now, traveling in Europe, sailing the Mediterranean, and actually living for real, you’ll understand the value of what she has to offer.  Stuff they don’t teach in school, nor stuff you will ever learn in a dead end, worker bee environment.

So, if indeed you are looking to make some life changes, to take a different course in your career, then go to Prepare To Tack.  Contact Julia and see what she can do for you.  It could make a very positive difference in your life.

Capt. Fritter