The First Thing You’re Gonna Say Is…

I’ve dreamt of doing a lot of things over the course of my life.  Visiting faraway lands, having adventures, doing exciting things, and generally living a real life.


And surprisingly, I’ve managed to actually make more than a few dreams come true.


I moved to Florida, learned to scuba dive, rode a Harley across the country, and lived on a sailboat.


Despite a poor education I taught myself computatater stuff, got a neat little blog going, and even published three books so far.

(Yes, I will write a sequel to Tales of the Manatee Fritters…eventually)


There were many a time when I thought said dreams would never happen.  Life just seemed to be going so bad it felt like I would be stuck in whatever rut I was in permanently.


And with every dream I shared with family, friends, coworkers, or whatever, there was always, always, always, somebody there to tell me I couldn’t do it.  My dream was unpossible/unrealistic/too expensive/or I was too stupid to make it happen.


But, I was able to make many of said dreams happen despite all the naysayers and despite how bad things may have been at times.  And I also realized most of the reasons said naysayers were giving were nothing more than excuses they had made to themselves because they didn’t have the balls to act on their own dreams.


And while the realities of my dreams seldom lived up to expectations, I was way more better to have tried than to not.  With each realization of a dream come true, it encouraged me to try even harder to attain the next dream, no matter how unpossible it may have seemed.  And I have lots more dreams to act upon yet.


So, if you do have dreams of what you want to do in life, get off your ass and make them happen.  You may fail, you may succeed beyond your wildest dreams, but whatever you do, don’t sit on your ass and do nothing.


Because someday, you are going to find yourself stepping off a plane in an exotic land, or opening the door for the first day of your new business, or getting ready to press the publish button, or maybe even finding yourself sitting on a beach in Maui, watching sunset.  And the first thing you’re gonna say is:

Damn, I wish I had done this sooner.

Capt. Fritter