Oct 192016

One of the first things you notice when you arrive in Hawaii is how green everything is.  Not just a lawn here or there, green is everywhere.  All shades from emerald to forest to lime green.  It’s the primary color of the islands with blue being second.  Look up in the mountains and all you see is green…under the cloud cover of course.  Go down any street and it’s green everywhere you look.

On the side of Maui I am on, it’s the lee side and also the dry side.  It’s rained once since I’ve been here and when any land is not developed it is in fact in desert conditions.  But even then, some green shows up.


But all the developments, all the resorts and condos, every commercial piece of land is immaculately maintained.  Most private homes I’ve seen seem to keep their land in equally good shape.  Lots of exotic plants, lush and thick.  It’s almost like a contest to see who has the best manicured and green property.


The parks along the beaches are also well kept.  The grass is soft, almost akin, I would guess to the same grass you find on a golf course.


The dunes and bird nesting sites are still well protected.


Don’t even ask me which tree or plant is which.  I haven’t learned anything about the local fauna yet.  All I know is it’s green and beautiful.



Palm trees are plentiful of course.  Waving in the breeze.



Look close at the two trees in the middle of this image towards the back.  There is someone hanging out in a hammock.


This is a fresh water pond along south Kihei road.  It’s full of Koi fish.


Maybe all the green and blue has something to do with the attitudes of the people here.  It seems to have a very calming effect on one’s mind.  No glaring neon, no bright ugly colors, no drab dead winter scenes.  Nothing but a cool, calm, tropical view just about everywhere one looks.  Definitely more better for one’s peace of mind.

Can’t wait to see the other side of the island where the rain is plentiful and the lush tropical forests abound.  It’s on the list.  I’m just not in any hurry.

Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “I Like Green…”

  1. and isn’t it lovely that you can walk up to the edge of a pond and not think there might be an alligator lurking there.
    I have friends in florida and she said you never swim in any water unless you’re in a swimming pool or the ocean.
    I would want to be on the rainy side of the island. looking forward to your showing us that!
    still. i’m so happy that you have a wonderful place to live. it sounds ideal right where you are.

  2. Wishing you a Happy Birthday in Paradise!

    Today being Oct. 20th.

  3. wow.
    plum forgot.
    but then I don’t even remember my own anymore so…
    happy birthday capt!!!
    and to think… just like JG says… you’re celebrating it in PARADISE!