Oct 212016

Some of you may have noticed a lot of websites, minor ones like Twitter are down at the moment.  Apparently there is some sort of cyber attack going on by parties unknown for reasons equally unknown.  Currently all the of the Fritter sites are up and working as normal but Hostgator, the nice folks who connect all the Fritter sites to the inter webs is not working.  Nor is my email at the moment.

Be it hackers, governments engaged in cyber war with each other, or election overload, this shit is more of a nuisance than actual threat to anyone.  Those responsible are nothing more than assholes who can’t stand to see the rest of the world function and need to show off.  Or they are governments who just have to be engaged in some sort of conflict because peace don’t make money.

I assume this will all get sorted out in short order but be aware some of the sites may go down until such time said order is restored.

Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “Cyber Attack…”

  1. Huh! The only site I’ve noticed being down is one person’a blog who warned us she was making changes that might take her site down for a few days. Have you actually noticed anyone other than Host Gator having a problem?

  2. ironic.
    I just saw a map of where it’s down. mostly on the east and west coast in the highest population areas.
    so far it’s good here that I know of. no problems yet.

    • Appears to be over now but I have a sneaking suspicion this was just the beginning and we’ll see more as the election gets closer.
      C. F.