Oct 242016

img_4723I’ve notice something rather odd lately.  Everywhere I go on Maui I see jeeps.  Lots of jeeps.  But not just regular everyday jeeps.  Most of these said jeeps are late model 4 door Wranglers in white with black tops.  They are all over the place.  One day I must have counted 3 dozen.  Just driving around like regular jeeps.

It’s rather strange.  I’m not sure what it may mean.  Are they rentals?  Do people on the island have a strange fetish for white jeeps?  They don’t appear to be of any official type vehicles.  Or maybe they just want us to think they are not official.  img_4724Mayhaps they are actually from some super secret government agency, spreading out and waiting until the turd sandwich or the giant douche takes over the country next month.  Then they will spring into action, hosing down the great unwashed with mind control rays, forcing us all into concentration camps to do the bidding of our corporate overlords.

Or maybe there are just a lot of white jeeps on the island.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “The Mysterious Maui Jeeps…”

  1. It’s funny – One of my friends from back in my teaching days (we lost touch over the years) was from Michigan. When she moved to NC she said, “Now I know where all the white cars go.” Apparently, she saw more white automobiles in NC than she ever saw in Michigan or the many other states she lived in. Her father was in automotive and worked for GMC I think – I guess he made the comment to her before that they made so many white vehicles.
    You’re post reminded me of that.

  2. Or the white ones are cheaper than other colors. That was the case with my van. Which may be why so many creeps drive white vans.