Oct 262016

I took a bus ride over to Kahului and being it was such a nice day, as just about everyday is here, I got a couple of nice shots of the mountain views.  Take a look.


Looking north from the Kahului suburbs towards Wailuka.


From the center of Kahului towards the east with Haiku in the distance.


And a rare clear view of Haleakala to the west of Kihei.

Everywhere you go on this island the views just keep getting more better.

Capt. Fritter

Temps in the mid 80’s during the day with a nice cooling breeze courtesy of the Trade Winds.

  One Response to “Just A Couple Mountain Views…”

  1. our temps are the same as yours each day.
    with NO cooling breezes from the trade winds.
    at least at night it’s cooling down some. that I do appreciate.
    leaves never have turned. no rain. they just turned brown and are blowing off.
    like your place much more better!
    beautiful mountain views.