Oct 262016

Key West.  This week is the infamous party which nobody is allowed to mention by name on a blog, post, in social media, or mixed company, because the owners of said party don’t understand how to internet.  But no matter, it’s going on now and Duval is rocking away.  Here is a link to the webcam across from Sloppy Joe’s.

This is a fun time on the island, even though it’s a tad more expensive than usual.  Leave your morals behind and keep your camera at the ready because you never know who or what you may see.  Two friends from the northwest, and avid Fritter fans came down yesterday and wound up on the same flight as Ron Jeremy.  If you don’t know who he is, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As for the rest of the week, more street parties, and then the big parade on Saturday night.  Not for me though.  I’ll just have to tough it out here in the middle of the Pacific.  Maui does have some Halloween festivities, but nothing like what is happening in Key West.  Not sure if this is more better or not but it is, what it is.

If you are in Key West right now, enjoy yourself, stay safe, and have a slice of Key Lime Pie in my memory.

Capt. Fritter


  2 Responses to “Well, Yeah, This Week I Miss It…”

  1. oh capt!
    even I feel like it’s my hometown!
    I enjoyed every year from the time I first found your blog.
    the parade down duval… the costumes… the body paint!
    all great!
    wonder what happened to the old guy on the neon lit up bike.
    if he lost his house after all… I can’t remember.
    probably did. I think he was having to go live with his daughter or something.
    the town should have built him a tiny house somewhere so he wouldn’t have to leave the key.
    he was a beloved fixture.
    not unlike a pirate captain I know.