Oct 282016

It’s coming up on two months since I came to Maui and settled into the little town of Kihei.  It’s been one of the bestest places I have ever been and one major reason is the weather.

On the second day I was here, it rained.  Not much, just a short shower or two.  The landlady was amazed it had rained and even apologized saying it hardly ever rains on this part of the island.  Being from Florida with it’s daily thunderstorms and Pa. with it’s perpetual gloom, the rain didn’t bother me.  But it was also the last time I felt water coming out of the sky since I have been here.

Every day here is almost the same weather wise.  Sunny, warm in the mid 80’s, breezy, even more so this time of the year, and some clouds and rain off in the distance.  But here in Kihei, it’s always nice, every day.  No cold fronts, no sudden thunderstorms, no lightning, no freezes, no extremes in temperatures.  Just a nice steady weather pattern one can rely on.  Take a look.  Here is what it looks like from my current digs when I wrote this post on Thursday, Oct. 27th, around 1:00 in the afternoon…Hawaii time.




When the heat gets to be too much, just relax under a palm tree.


Nobody here has to plan their day around the weather.  One does not have to close up the windows, nor turn on the heat, (some simply cannot live without ac but I have not found a need for it yet).  One does not have to decide on how many layers of clothes one must wear to defy the elements of nature.  Although one does have to decide how much sunscreen and at what strength.  There is no ice to scrape off the windshields, no sidewalks to shovel, no storm windows to put up for the winter.  Just the sweet, sweet gentle warmth of the sun and cooling breezes.

I have no doubt somewhere down the road, the occasional bad weather day may come.  The islands are not immune to the many storms which pass by, and I’ve been told in winter, the temps at night may drop into the 60’s, sparking mass panic and increased sales of blankets.  But so far, the weather has been absolutely perfect.

It’s difficult to express in words how long I have dreamt of living someplace where the weather was an afterthought.  I spent way too many years freezing in the north east and even in central Florida where the cold fronts bring icy cold.  Even my beloved Keys could get cold in the winter and while the daily thunderstorms made for some exciting light shows, one still had to be aware of the weather at all times.  Here?  Not so much.

If I were to be spending time out on the water, the winds would be a concern.  The Pacific goes from flat blue in the mornings to raging whitecaps and waves by the afternoon.  But here in Kihei, I seem to have found a sweet spot where weather changes are rare or barely noticeable.  I can wear the same styles of clothes every day of the year.  A big monetary savings in and of itself.  I barely check the weather forecast anymore as I know what it will be.  If there are any major changes like an impending storm, the news is all over it.

The weather, as much as anything else, is what drew me away from the cold, depressing, shit of Pa. to the warmer south of Florida and finally to here in the middle of the Pacific.  Life here is way more better when one does not have to plan around the weather.  If and when I move to another part of the island, or another island, I am sure things will change.  I could end up on the rainy side, or up country on the side of the mountains where it does get cold (but I doubt it).  No matter.  For now, I have found weather nirvana and I intend to stay in said nirvana for as long as I can.

For those of you who “love the change of seasons” or get bored with summer, have at it.  Put up with the cold, the dreariness, the snow, ice, and gloom.  Not me.  I’ll take a tropical paradise all year round, no problem.

Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “Every Day…”

  1. I would take it too if I could talk my spouse into it. You having got rid of those are very lucky indeed.

  2. what???
    having got rid of his spouses???? LOLOL!!!!

    I know where they’re buried.
    they’ve all turned into mermaids.
    and they will someday take him down!

    if you’re a good boy I see no reason why your land lady would ever kick you out.
    and wow. what views from your digs!!!
    I see the kitty! pretty cool.
    or… ahem… warm as it were.
    I feel safe to send a snoopy hug. you’re miles and miles away. the worst you could do is hit delete!

    • If the truth should be known, I’ll have you all know I have been widowed three times in my life. My first wife and second, tragically died of the same thing. They accidentally ate poisoned mushrooms. It was a shock to me and it took me a long time to get over it. I rarely talk about it even now.

      My third wife’s death was just as tragic. She died from a fractured skull.

      Bitch wouldn’t eat the damn mushrooms.

      But I’m not bitter, just a little tart.

      C. F.

  3. omg.
    trying not to laugh as I cry. or do I mean cry laughing.
    there is no hope for you.

    thankfully I don’t like fungus of any kind.
    although I am not a wife.
    friendship has its benefits.