No Savings Here!…

I despise winter, as any of you who follow this overdue-for-some-sort-of-an-award-winning blog well know.  It’s not just the cold, snow, freezing temps, gray skies, lack of warmth, slush, icy dark hell, and a mass of crappy holidays, it’s the damn time changes we go through every year.

Said time change took place last night and now we can all look forward to getting up in the dark, getting home in the dark, and generally being depressed because the sun will never shine again.  Well….hehehe…not all of us.

Hawaii, in it’s infinite wisdom, and thanks to being located more closer to the equator, does not do Daylight Savings Time nor will there be any time changes.  It stays the same all year round.  The sun does set a tad earlier this time of the year and all but nothing like the long, dark, dank, depressing, dreary days which you all on the mainland get to look forward to for the next 6 months.  Here, the days remain the same.  Lot’s of daylight, blue skies, and sunshine.  No signs of anything remotely resembling winter.  Way more better to have year round summer.

One other cool thing.  Since the rest of the country will be setting their clocks back, and Hawaii stays the same, instead of being 3 to 6 hours behind, we are now 1 hour ahead of you.  So we will know what is happening an hour before you will.  Ha!

Capt. Fritter