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I wasn’t going to do it.  I was just going to sit out here and write about poke’ and sunsets, and watch the show from afar.  But with this circus almost over with, I had to write at least one post.  And what convinced me was the insanity going on over a green coffee cup.  Leave it to the idiots in this country to take something as inauspicious as a coffee cup and turn it into some bizarre conspiracy splitting the country even more over what has become one of the most divisive, horrifying, amusing, and entertaining spectacles this country has seen in a long time.  I’m talking of course about the ‘election’ which is about to take place in a day.

As you may have guessed by now, I’ll have no part of this bullshit.  I quit worrying about politics and voting a long time ago thanks in no small part to the teachings of the late, great George Carlin.  The man nailed it when he told the country how meaningless these elections are and how little control we, the great unwashed, have over the big picture.  So I will be liberally quoting and paraphrasing him throughout this post.

Let’s all take a couple shots of rum and look at who you people, not me, you have chosen to pick from to be the next ‘leader’ of our country.  To quote from another enlightened source, the folks at South Park, you have selected to vote for either a turd sandwich or a giant douche to be president.  I’ll be referring to them by those descriptions because I will not have this fine blog sullied with their real names.  Hey, even I have standards.

This country had about 325,000,000 citizens give or take a few hundred thousand illegal aliens.  We have masters of industry, scientists, explorers, and people of vision.  Yet these two pieces of shit are who you felt would be best suited for sitting in the White House for the next 4 years.  Really?  No serial killers nor porn stars willing to throw their hat in the ring?  These two were the best of the best?  You should be ashamed of yourselves.

There has been a lot of nasty rhetoric on both sides, most of it bullshit, saying (insert candidate of your choice) is:  dishonest, crooked, a liar, has committed crimes too numerous to mention, and should be in jail.  Allow me to clear the air.

Of course they are dishonest, crooked, liars, who have committed crimes too numerous to mention.  How do you think they got into positions of power, wealth, and influence?  You don’t get to the top of the dung heap by being honest, forthright, and telling the truth.  You get there by breaking the rules, screwing over anyone who gets in your way, and having no conscience about what you are doing.

And as for going to jail?  These motherfuckers would have to be live streamed pouring zyklon B into a shower full of people before anyone would even try to put them in jail.  They may have trials, and hearings, but when you have as much power, wealth, and influence as they do, you don’t go to jail.  We, the great unwashed can be put away for selling ceviche on Facebook.  These bastards, can and do get away with murder and more.

As for all their promises of what they will do when elected, forget it.  Meaningless.  Empty promises to people just to get them to donate more money to the campaigns.  Think your little $100 donation gives you access to the candidate of your choice?  Think your wishes will come true when said candidate is ‘elected’?  All you did was pay good money to get your name put on a mailing list where for the next 4 years you’ll be inundated with spam, solicitations, robo calls, and pleas for more money for the next ‘election’.   You have no say in policy and you never did.

As George said, this country does not have leaders, we have owners.  This country is owned by corporations, wealthy donors, and people we never see nor hear about in the news.  They run everything behind the scenes from the government to the media to everything we produce, buy, and sell.  They put up the money for these people to run for office and then they tell those who get elected what to do once in said office.

I watched a lot of people I know get divided over one or the other candidate.  As the year went on, things got worse.  Friendships were broken, relations strained, and it’s not going to get any more better.  No matter which one gets the votes, they will be subjected to 4 years of more bullshit and mudslinging.  The loser will not go quietly into the night neither, claiming the ‘election’ was rigged.  It’s not going to be a lot of fun in this country.  The economy will not improve, the war, the same war which has been going on for nearly 30 years now will continue, (Ain’t it amazing we were able to defeat Germany, Japan, and Italy in 4 years yet we can’t wipe out a few terror cells in the middle of the desert?).  And with each crisis, the government will use it as an excuse to take more of our freedoms away, and more of our wealth.

The people of this country are being scammed, flimflammed, taken for a ride, played for a fool, blackmailed, extorted, deceived, lied to, hustled, and conned.  Even P.T. Barnum is sitting in a corner, shaking his head.  The choices you are going to make on Tuesday are illusions, as G.C. would say.  To paraphrase:  “Your choices are plastic or paper.  Smoking or non smoking.  Aisle or window.”

We have been dumbed down, thanks to our education system to never question what is thrown at us.  We are trained to be able to do the absolute minimum required by the corporate masters to do their crappy jobs for crappy pay, and be damn glad we have a job at all.  Any sense of individuality, independent thought, or critical thinking was drilled out of our brains all during school.  We are too wrapped up in material wealth and things, in entertainment, and shiny distractions to see or question what is going on here.  We’ve put ourselves into suffocating debt, limiting our choices and freedoms.  And we did it willingly.

The owners of this country do not give a fuck about you or me.  They only care about what they can gain for themselves.   More power, more wealth, more control.  Yet we sit and listen to all the promises the turd sandwich and giant douche make about what they will do when they get into office.  My favorite false promise?  Bring back jobs.  They are going to bring back all those jobs which left the country.  Here is the truth about those jobs.

Firstly, none of these jobs were your’s.  They belong to the corporations and businesses.  And said corporations and businesses took said jobs away from you because they found more efficient or profitable ways to do said jobs.  Robots to work the assembly lines which don’t demand time off, equal pay, nor whine about working conditions.  Or send the jobs overseas where labor is cheap.  Or eliminated jobs simply because the demand was no longer there for whatever it was said job was producing.   Those jobs are gone for good and they are never coming back.

If you really want a better job, there is a simple way to do it without the need to rely on some flimflam artist making a false promise to get you one.  All you need to do is get off your fat, lazy, overfed ass, take the skills you have learned over the years, and you do have skills, learn new skills, (always be learning), and make your own way in the world.  Create your own niche in the world without relying on uncaring politicians and corporate warlords to do it for you.  Start a business, go travel and learn about other cultures, take chances, and quit relying on others.  Don’t argue.  Go do it!

Hey!  If I, with a really, really poor education, could break free from the worker bee hive at the age of 55, learn to code, to build and host websites, to write 3 ebooks, and live in fucking Key West and Hawaii, think what you could accomplish.  Need a place to start?  Go talk to Julia.  She is waiting to help.

I’m not registered to vote nor will I ever be inclined to do so.  I won’t tell anyone else whether they should vote or not, the choice is up to them.  Come Tuesday, go ahead and go to the ballot.  Pull the levers, fill out the forms.  Put one of those little, “I Voted” stickers on your corporate mandated uniform and strut up and down the cubicle farm the rest of the day with a smug look on your face like you made a difference.  I am totally sure on Wednesday morning, if your candidate won, all the problems of this country will be solved immediately and we will all live long and proper.

As for me, I’ll stay here on my little island and go back to writing about poke’ and sunsets.  Let me know how it all works out for you.

Capt. Fritter

It’s a green fucking coffee cup people!  Nothing more.

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  1. this morning… came here.
    went to your g carlin link and then spent too much time going from one of his videos to the next…
    to the next to the next! he’s so good. RIP george.
    I haven’t been watching the news lately. on purpose.
    so I don’t know about the green coffee cup???
    guess now I’ll have to check it out.