Nov 102016

My goodness.  Quite a spectacle wasn’t it?  Lots of theatrics, drama, comic relief, and in the end, everybody lost, except of course for the owners of this country who are laughing at us whilst sitting on their luxury yacht sipping champagne, eating the meat of some endangered species, and grabbing women’s genitals.

Give me a sailboat anytime.

Give me a sailboat anytime.

Let me preface this post with an important disclaimer.  I did not, nor would I ever support either of these vile pieces of shit whom you, yes you, chose between to represent our country.  Neither was remotely qualified, and neither give two shits about any of us great unwashed.  They are merely symbols put out by the rich to make you think you made a choice.  You didn’t.

The only difference between the two is one is a racist, sexist, bigot bent on gaining power and wealth.  The other is an elitist, entitled, snob bent on gaining power and wealth.  Pick your poison, it all works the same.  What’s even worse is how much people got behind these two and agreed with their messages.  Says a lot about how far this country has regressed.

Right now, my social media feeds and news sites are blowing up with all sorts of ugly things.  Protests at colleges,  swastikas painted on windows, threats of secession, and people pretending to leave the country.  It’s all bullshit.  Nobody is leaving, especially those rich celebrities who have mansions, property, and ass kissing fans in this country.  In a short time everything will calm down because the ‘merican people have the attention span of a gnat.  Some government entity or corporate warlord will trot out some shiny distraction, a new war mayhaps, or another economic collapse, and we will move on.

But be assured of one thing.  The goals of said government and corporations remains the same.  They want all the money, all the power, and they will take it all from us.  With every crisis, with every protest, every time somebody whines, bitches, moans, or snivels about the way things are, the government and corporate warlords will use it as an excuse to come up with more laws, more rules, more bureaucracy, more restrictions on freedom, and more ways to take from us and keep for themselves.  It’s the way things are now and nothing is going to change for the foreseeable future.  It’s all a big game folks, and we are being played for fools.

So it’s over.  Nothing to do but wait for the trucks to take us all to the Fema camps.  Well, not quite.

As a people, this country was finished a long time ago.  We squandered away what was a pretty good opportunity to really progress as a species on this planet.  Now, it’s just a slow downhill slide to death and oblivion, but don’t dwell on it.  While the people of this nation have no real say in policy, decision making, nor who the next war should be with, we as individuals can effect change, on a very small scale.

It’s pretty simple really.  You start by not playing the game.  Refusing to be a part of the worker bee mentality.  Not being reliant on corporate warlords or lying politicians to create jobs for you.  If you got edgeamacated in this country you are at a disadvantage.  You have 12 years, more or less, of indoctrination you need to unlearn.  All those thoughts about individuality, and making your own way in the world, thinking outside the hive, everything they tried to drill out of your brain thingy?  Those ideas are still there, crammed in a dark closet someplace and it’s high time you busted open the door to said closet and let them out.

Getting out of school and taking crappy jobs for crappy pay is no way to go through life, son.  There is a whole planet and beyond to explore out there yet so many of us settle for these mind numbing, soul killing jobs which lead to nowhere.

Listen…pay attention dammit.  It’s time to wake up.

Unless you are working in something like the medical field, or law enforcement, or serving in the military, or firefighter, or science, or exploration, your job doesn’t mean shit.  If you spend all day in a cubicle farm shuffling papers, filling out forms, or going to meetings where they give you false hope of future riches, quit now.  If you are stuck behind a retail counter, or a fry station, or stocking shelves, quit now.  It is all completely and totally meaningless, all of it.  I know.  I did retail for 30 years.  I have nothing to show for it, and nobody remembers a fucking thing I did.  All those sales, all those late hours taking inventory, going the ‘extra’ mile for a customer.  Meaningless.  This blog has more meaning to me than anything I ever did in the corporate world.  I know you don’t want to hear it but you need to listen.  Unless you are in one of the aforementioned careers, your job is meaningless and you need to stop right now, get off your ass and do something which has some meaning, to you at least if not to anyone else.  You are wasting your life, as I did.  Contrary to what you may have been told, you will never, repeat…never get rich through hard work.  All you will do is make other people rich.  The next time some asshole says you will get rich if only you would work a little harder, slap them upside the head, rip off your corporate tie or vest, and walk out.

I know what you are going to say.  I can hear it plain as day.

“But…but…but  I have bills to pay, and debt, and things to maintain.  I need a paycheck.”

Sorry, I aint’ gonna accept those excuses anymore.  You want to get away from the hive?  It’s simple.  Get rid of your debt.  All of it.  No debt.  No excuses.  Do it now.  Do whatever the fuck you have to do to get yourself solvent and not owe a single penny to anyone.  We have been programmed to believe debt is the only way to have nice things.  If we want a house, a vehicle, a shiny new gadget, debt is the only way to get it.  Pay for it up front with cash?  Don’t be silly.

I prefer to be silly.

I got my ass out of debt finally about 6 years ago and because I did so, I now live in Hawaii.  I have the freedom to travel just about anyplace I want.  I eat good, sometimes too good, and I want for nothing.  I ignore all offers of easy financing and low monthly payments.  My credit is fine, at least I think so, but why in the hell would I borrow to purchase something when it’s more better to just pay for it up front and be done with it, or even more better, go without because it’s probably not something I need anyways.

I’ve preached this in the past, over and over again, even more so than the minimalism lifestyle.  Debt kills.  It kills your dreams, your lifestyle, your career, and eventually you.  It’s the worst thing you can bring upon yourself and make no mistake, virtually all our debt is brought on by ourselves.  Nobody, except maybe the government, can force debt upon you.  Get rid of your debt and you will be amazed at how life opens up for you.

And speaking of minimalism…like you didn’t see this coming.

I don’t expect everyone to be like me and live out of a rucksack with just a few bits of clothing and a laptop, but you might want to try it sometime because it’s very liberating.   Anyways, if you can downsize, if you can get rid of the superfluous crap in your life, you will find a lot less stress and bother.  No more spending time taking care of your stuff.  No worries about where to keep it all.  And most important of all, no concerns about losing it.  Remember the more you have, the more you have to lose.  Life is so much more than how much crap you can stuff into a storage unit.  It’s experiences, not things which are important and as long as you live a consumerist lifestyle, dependent on acquiring more things, the less likely you will be able to escape your meaningless job and live a true life.

Folks, I say all this because I know some of you are hurting right now.  It’s ok.  As soon as you accept you had no control over what happened you can move on.  But this country is deeply divided and it’s bitter as hell.  The government and corporate warlords love it because like any other war, they can pit each side against each other and profit from the results.  I do not know what is coming down the road over the next few years but I don’t have a good feeling about it.  Start protecting yourself.  I don’t mean stockpiling ammo and survival food.  I mean protect yourself by disengaging from the game.  Get out of the rat race and go your own path.  Seek out adventure, exploration, and discovery instead of punching a time clock after a hour long commute.  Don’t play their game and you won’t get hurt so bad.  Get rid of the debt, downsize, and live like you dreamed you wanted to before some damn school told you not too.  They were wrong and the sooner you figger it out, the sooner your life will be more better.  When the feces strikes the wind movement device in the coming years, just roll with it and you’ll be happier.  They can’t hurt you if you don’t give them the chance.  You can’t change the system, but you can change yourself to work outside the system and make your own way in the world.

In the meantime, I’ll be here as always, posting about poke’, sunsets, and stirring the shitpot now and then.

Because it’s what I do.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Are You Not Entertained?…”

  1. I already moved to another country – haha! America’s a mess, the whole world is a mess when you get right down to it. Like you said, the small things matter and if we don’t let it consume us, life will be much more pleasant. We all have a choice when it comes down to how we live our lives – just as you stress. But some people have a really hard time understanding that. They think they have to follow the path “expected” of them, that to do anything different is impossible. Oh, how great our world could be if everyone stopped and thought about what they COULD do versus what they CAN’T do.

  2. It’s an interesting time. The convenience of information at your fingertips has created an avenue where agendas and misinformation can easily be disseminated. I get tired of seeing people blinding believing everything they read online and citing it as “fact” without doing their own research. Lot of sheeple out there who allow their opinions to be based on what was forwarded to them on Facebook or other social media. Too many people are willing to just believe what they are told instead of doing their own research, questioning, investigation, etc.. Too many people/organizations with too much power to easily push their own agendas by using the public as their means to an end.

  3. Steve – Great meeting you today. I appreciate your help navigating the Maui bus system:) I got what I needed at Longs and then had lunch at Amigos. The bus was right on time and got me back to my room w/o complication. $4 RT… what a deal. I read your recent post and I am in total agreement with your philosophy… especially staying out of church and out of dept! So true, but its not so easy for many working families. I am always saying “stop having kids if you can’t afford them” but indoctrinated religion is so prevalent in most societies it makes it difficult for a lot of people to stay solvent. Those kids gotta have all the latest do-dads and the parents are so busy working to stay afloat they just pacify them with plastic shit.The kids will ultimately suffer and all that money will be down the drain…shame. If you would like to have dinner tomorrow or Saturday let me know. I’m FBI (from Big Island) and on my own for a few more days but would I love the company…so many great places to eat here on Maui but I hate dining alone in a restaurant. Aloha. T