Nov 252016

Once again, as it seems every year, our country shows the rest of the world how stupid we really are.  Yes boys and girls, and those who can’t make up their minds, it’s our favorite time of the year once again…the day after Thanksgiving.  Instead of relaxing and digesting the big dinner from the day before, many of us head out into the hinterlands, credit cards at the ready, to fight our fellow citizens over towels, toilet paper, and $2 waffle makers.  Makes one proud to be an ‘merican.

Couple all this with the recent, ‘election’ of a giant douche who is lining up a bunch of billionaires to manipulate the government to line their own pockets with more of your money, and one has to wonder if the U.S.A. has peaked as a world leader.  I got a bad feeling about the future of this country.

Capt. Fritter