Dec 062016
If I can make it, what's your excuse?

If I can make it, what’s your excuse?

And dream a little now and then.  You never know what dreams may come true. One minute you could be stuck in a foggy, cold, grey, dreary ass town in the middle of the shittiest shithole state in the union, next minute you are sitting on the beach in Maui.  So dreams are good.  Let’s do a little.

Say you have found a nice little spot of land somewhere here in the islands and you have cleared all the legal hurdles, paid cash up front because if you are a good little Fritter you don’t owe money to nobody for nuthin’.  Now it’s time to look at some sort of home to put up on said land.  Where to start and what would be a good way to go?

If you are like Kristie, and have the know how, why not build your own place?  All you need is the tools, suppliers of materials, and the ability to know which end of the hammer to hit the nail with?  Well, for some people, it may be easy. I’m not some people.  I am severely lacking in construction skills.  Give me a hand tool and it’s like giving me a rifle, a bottle of hard liquor, and the addresses of my ex girlfriends.  Nothing good will come of it.

So in my case, should I ever decide to do this, I would be more better to purchase something already built which simply needs to be rolled in and set up on said property.  As it happens there are people in Hawaii who do such things.  Note:  The links I’m going to provide are simply the ones I found when I started researching the idea of living off the grid in Hawaii in a tiny house.  I have not dealt with any of the companies listed here so I can’t say yes or no to how good or not they may be.  As usual, do your own research and due diligence.

If any of the builders listed here happen to come across this post and wish to add anything to what I have written, by all means, have at it.  The comments section stays open for 2 weeks per post.  It’s basically free advertising and I’m doing it to help steer any of my blog readers towards the connections they may need should they chose to live in a tiny house off the grid in Hawaii.

Island Tiny Homes  Everything from the basic shell to a finished product.  They have a simple floor plan and some decent photos of the finished product.

Tiny Pacific Houses  25 different models in a variety of floor plans and styles.  Locally owned and according to the website, well in tune with the tiny house and affordable housing movement.

Habitats Hawaii  Owned by two ladies who live on the Big Island.  They offer a slightly different take on design and have come up with some very nice little homes.

Tiny House Listings  A real good site covering builders, houses for rent and sale, not just in Hawaii but all over the country.  A good source to look around and see what others are doing.

Everyone has some idea of what sort of a place they would want for a certain area.  In the mountains, perhaps a log cabin.  In the Keys, a sailboat.  In the city, a sterile, cookie cutter, square apartment bereft of character, charm, or homeyness which sucks any will to live directly out of what’s left of your mortal soul.  Whatever suits your tastes.  For me, coming to Hawaii I always had in mind something in particular.  Said something was a simple, yet functional tiki style home built of bamboo.  Bamboo just says tropical island to me.  When I lived in the Keys I loved to go to some of the restaurants which were just big tiki huts.  Open air with no glass windows and few walls.  Tall ceilings with big bamboo logs.  Slow moving fans to keep the air circulating.  Just something about it always attracted me to the idea of living in a bamboo home.  So, in my online travels I found this, go take a look at:

Bamboo currently growing in the front yard where I am staying.

Bamboo currently growing in the front yard where I am staying.

Bamboo Living  Of all the tiny house resources I have looked at, this one has been my favorite.  If you go to the website and the Home Models tab you’ll see everything from simple cabins to full size mansions.  The company is here in Hawaii but what they do is pre assemble the houses in Vietnam, disassemble them, ship them here, and reassemble on your property.  While not all the houses are officially tiny houses in said houses are not on trailers, these places are exactly what I had in mind should I ever try to obtain a place of my own.

Bamboo is extremely strong, resistant to bugs and decay, and looks damn good.  Plus it’s easy to replace as bamboo, which is actually a grass, not wood, grows extremely fast.  I’ve read some people actually grow their own bamboo here in Hawaii and sell it to builders or use it to build their own structures.  It looks like it’s an easy material to work with and really fits in with the tropical atmosphere.  Bamboo is what I would use should the time come to build.

There is one more link I want to toss out here.  It’s not in Hawaii but in Costa Rica, a country very warm to ‘mericans looking for an affordable tropical place to retire and not put up with all the bullshit going down, as the mainland seems to be heading.  Anyways, this little resort is really cool and may give one some inspiration to build something really different.

Finca Bellavista  Yes, it’s a treehouse community back in the mountains of Costa Rica.  Very off the grid, very primitive, and very, very cool.  Go take a look at some of the houses they have built there.  Hanging in the trees, connected by stairs, swaying vine bridges, and zip lines.  I would love to see something like this here in Hawaii.  Perhaps someday.

These are just a few of the resources I have found in regards to obtaining a tiny house of some sort in Hawaii.  Your results may differ but it is a good place to start.  There are options out here and affordable for most people.  As to whether or not I will ever find a plot of land and lay down a tiny house off the grid here in Hawaii remains to be seen.  I have learned to never say never.  Anything could happen and probably will.  Still it’s fun to look, much like when I was shopping for a sailboat.  It don’t cost anything and in some cases may inspire one to more better ideas.

So keep dreaming and looking.  You never know.

Capt. Fritter