Dec 122016

I have removed all my apps from the app store for the time being.  They are all in dire need of updating and I have fallen behind on my coding skills as Apple continues to update their standards and Swift code.  Apple is sending out directives to update said apps, purging the app store of old apps so rather than scramble to update, I am just taking them all down for now.

I went into app coding hoping it would bring in some income and in some respects it did but not the way I was hoping.  I could get off my lazy ass and go out and drum up some new business but things have moved in a different direction for me and trying to convince people to spend money on an app is not how I want to spend my time.

I may, or may not update my current apps after the first of the year, depends on how I feel then.  It costs me a small amount of money to maintain my app coding status with Apple and I haven’t been able to make enough to break even so there seems little sense to continue unless I come up with some killer app idea.  Unlikely as most of us independent app developers don’t make shit compared to a few big app companies.

So, for now, no apps from the Fritter.  The ebooks will definitely stay online.  Surprisingly, they are making some money.  Not a lot but way more than I anticipated.  Apparently I’m better at writing bullshit than I am writing code.  No matter.  Learning to code was a tough gig but it was worth it.  I learned a lot and maybe I’ll get back into it next year.

To any of you who did download any of my apps, I thank you very much.  The downloads will still work as long as they are compatible with the iOS program.  So you can continue to use them.  For now though, I am out of the app development business.

Capt. Fritter

  8 Responses to “Falling Back…”

  1. When my Dave was writing software I encouraged him to market it. He said then he would have to support it and that part would not be fun. He supports it anyway but it is only our friends and their friends using it since he never marketed it so it’s not too bad.

    • Yeah, support is a big issue. Updating a website usually only takes a few minutes. Updating an app takes days or week. I guess I don’t have it in me anymore to keep up with it. Maybe I’ll feel different in the Spring.
      C. F.

  2. I think in the spring you’ll feel the same way… “been there done that.”

    you’re a writer.
    there’s a whole niche for your writing … particularly about escaping. and people now want to escape more than ever.
    it’s a plus to have a no~nonsense follow~your~dream type guru that will tell it like it is.
    and I’m still waiting to see how the captain lived under the sea with the mermaid and the monster and lived to fish the hippy out!

  3. I don’t see you getting back into it next year. I’m thinking deep down you’re thinking…
    “been there done that.”

    you’re a writer.
    and you’re really great at firing up people to go after their dream.
    you combine the nitty grit along with the wonderful intangibles in a humorous and insightful way.
    my crystal ball sees more ebooks in your future.

    I’m STILL waiting to see how the captain survived under the sea with the mermaid and the sea monster
    and managed to live through it enough to be in another boat and fish out the hippy!

  4. I’ve left 2 comments now.
    and where they go I don’t know.
    i’m tired of saying the same thing over and over.
    good luck capt!

  5. and so THIS ONE it took. sheesh!

  6. LOL
    sending you a snoopy hug.