Dec 172016

Yeah, I’m in my usual holiday mood.  Watching a Xmas Carol in reverse so it has a happy ending doesn’t even help.  Maybe someone will write a version where Scrooge joins the Ghostbusters and finally kicks those asshole spirits into the next dimension where they belong.

Hawaii is no different when it comes to the holidays.  All the usual bullshit is going on.  Lots of decorations, stores begging for sales, elves begging for money for their charities, bums just begging.  There are parades and stuff but I could care less.  I lost my enthusiasm for this time of the year a long time ago.  I’ll be glad when it’s over with.

Even the weather sucks.  Freezing cold, snow, icy roads…just kidding.  The weather is awesome!  We did have a bit of a cool down.  Highs in the 70’s and some rain even.  There is snow on top of the volcano but it’s beautiful down here along the beaches.  Best winter ever so far as weather is concerned.

For those of you who are still celebrating, enjoy it while you can.  I’ve got a sneaking suspicion this will be the last peaceful holiday we are going to have for a while.  The new government, now showing no pretense of who is really running things, is setting up to really screw this country over.   Every major post is being manned by corporate warlords who are rich, greedy, and have no experience in said post for which they have been nominated.  To a man, and it appears to be almost all white men, they will use the power of government, now with their own private army, to loot, pillage, and sack this country of what few riches are left.

The environment is about to be raped.  Fossil fuels, which we were well on the way to phasing out are on the comeback trail.  Every acre of land not already being stripped of it’s mineral wealth is now in danger.  Climate change, which is real, is being ignored.  Big mistake.

But these people don’t care.  It’s all about profit and putting more money in their pockets.  Here is a nice little factoid: 17 of the Trumpenführer’s appointee’s have more money than ⅓ of the entire population of the U.S. combined.  Do you really think they are looking out for anybody’s interests but their own?

For those of you who support Prince Trumperdinck and his merry band of thieves, for whatever reason, I hope you get what you wanted.  But for the rest of us, unless you are rich, male, and white, the next few years are not going to be very good.

In addition to the environment getting devastated, these people will use their power and influence to try and control other countries.  Do not be surprised if the end result is a genuine shooting war with someone, over and above the current endless shooting wars we are involved in.

Folks, it’s going to be bad, very bad.  A lot worse than what you may think.  I hope I am wrong but then, I don’t have any say since I didn’t vote.  For all the difference it would have made.  So try and enjoy what peaceful time we have left.  If I had a gift wishlist right now it would include:  survival gear, a passport, and one way ticket to some tropical island even further away than this one.

In the meantime, I am taking the rest of the year off from the blog.  I need a little break and have some other things to tend to.  I may throw up one or two posts between now and the end of the year but nothing much more.  Like many others, I will be glad to put 2016 behind us.  2017 may not be any more better but it’s coming, like it or not.

Too all of you, thanks for stopping by now and then and reading this drivel I put out here.  From the traffic reports, not including the hackers and russian porn spammers, it appears there is still an audience for the Fritter out there and I do appreciate it.  Try to enjoy your holidays in whatever fashion you chose to celebrate said holidays, if indeed you do celebrate anything.  Be safe and I’ll see you again in a couple weeks.

Capt. Fritter