Dec 202016

Had to take a break from taking a break to report a massive solar spill on Maui today.  Effects include blue skies, excessive sunshine, warm temps, light trade winds, and extreme smugness cause we don’t have to deal with all the winter shit you people on the mainland have right now.

Capt. Fritter

  5 Responses to “Massive Solar Spill In Maui!…”

  1. Minneapolis or Maui are all the same to me; I just never go outside. We have plenty of sun shining in our windows. I do have to listen to snowplows, though.

  2. speak for yourself john. it was 74 here yesterday. everybody in shirt sleeves.
    still today I have the windows open.
    the trip to Georgia was wonderful. got to see my boys.
    found out that Sgt Mike deploys in April but it’s only a 6 month mission this time.
    he’ll be home for Christmas next year too! that was all the gift I needed.

  3. lol.
    come on.
    you’ve never heard that expression?
    I don’t know. I’ve just always heard it.
    it means I guess… speak for yourself… don’t include me… or something like that.
    of course I’m also always getting those sayings wrong anyway. so I could have used that one wrong.

    I once told Bob to “get off your high hog.”
    he said “honey it’s get off your high HORSE.” or it’s “he’s high on the hog.” not both.
    he laughed and that made me even madder.