Dec 302016

Remember HWSNBN?  You should.  Most of this blog centered around his antics during 2013 and 14.  For those of you new to the Fritter, HWSNBN, (He Who Shall Not Be Named), is a greedy bastard of a developer who bought out the Oceanside Marina on Stock Island where I used to reside on my little boat.  He came in, ordered all the live aboards out, closed down the boat ramp, kicked out a couple small businesses, tore down the boat storage house, then decided to allow all the live aboards to stay, then proceeded to make life miserable for said live aboards including charging $125 a month for using the bathhouse and laundry, then in the end, throwing out all the live aboards, despite many of them actually owning their own docks, just so he could build another cookie cutter, over priced, tasteless resort.

Trust me, I’m giving you the very brief and clean version of what went down.  It was bad, very bad.

Anyways, I came across this article in The Blue Paper of Key West today and it updates the shenanigans he has been pulling and where the, ‘resort’, stands.  And before you go read said article, you may want to sit down because, get this…

He lied.

I know.  Hard to believe.  But he lied, or to be more succinct, he did not tell the whole story of his little empire.

If you read the entire article you’ll see he manipulated the complicated housing laws of Monroe County to build a 175 room hotel where only a 115 room hotel would be permitted.  Multi family apartments stand where individual housing units were suppose to go.  And affordable housing?  Are you kidding?

The article links to the resort website here.  It shows the hotel, apparently in it’s current form although the photos look a bit fake.  The hotel has no charm at all and looks like it was designed with help from Albert Speer.  It’s stark in appearance and has no vestiges of Keys design.

The pictures of the marina show it to be pretty much deserted.  Just a few fancy fishing boats now sit where 100 people, your’s truly included, once called home.  The website itself is full of stock photos of models doing vacationey things and you won’t see prices for anything including the menu at the fancy restaurant.  The ad copy reads like it was written as an assignment for an advertising 101 class at the local community college.

So, the son of a bitch got what he wanted in the end.  He was able to build another shitty upscale bit of fluff for the wealthy, thumbing his nose at any government regulation standing in his way, managed to bullshit said government into letting him do what he wanted, and uprooted the lives of over 100 people who were perfectly happy with the way things were.  (Over 100 people, I may add, who thought I was full of shit when I warned them what was going to come).

Well, it’s too late now.  The old marina is gone.  The resort is up and running.  What’s the government going to do?  Shut him down?  Tear it apart?  Not happening.  It’s done and he will walk away with millions more dollars in his pocket, moving onto his next project.  He’ll displace more people, lie to anyone standing in his way, build whatever he wants, and the government will kiss his ass the whole time.

HWSNBN is being called, “The Donald Trump of the Florida Keys”.  What he is doing, on a small scale is what is about to happen to the entire country starting in a few weeks.  The wealthy will now have the full power of the government to do their bidding, making them even more wealthier, and making the rest of us more poorer.  It’s coming folks, get ready for it.   You are all about to find out just how few rights you really have and how easily your property can be taken from you.

As for HWSNBN, at least I won’t have to put up with him anymore.  He did a lot to ruin my stay in Key West and make life not more better.  Nothing I can do about now, but…

I dream of a time where he might find himself on a dock somewhere, facing a very angry sea serpent and…well, you would have to read the book to find out the rest.

Capt. Fritter

Have a safe New Years Eve everyone.  Stop in on New Years day for my annual message of gloom and despair.

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  1. and the environment. all bets are off what will be done to it. and the forests and the seas.
    happy new year!