Jan 012017

Whew!  If you are reading this, in this current dimension in which we exist, congratulations.  You survived 2016.  A lot of people didn’t.  So if you are reading this from a dimension beyond the grave, drop a comment and let us know how things are.  Just curious.

It was a helluva year.  If there is one thing this past year and in particular, the sham election, exposed, despite all our advances and ‘civilized’ way of life, is how mean, bigoted, racist, sexiest, and hateful we are as a species.  We don’t seem to be happy unless we are killing or oppressing other humans simply because they don’t look like us, or have different cultures, or just talk different.  We kill for money, power, or because some fake invisible ruler in the sky says so in some dusty old book written by ancient old men who couldn’t get laid.

The corporate warlords have dropped all pretense of being behind the scenes and now openly control government and the economy.  Our education system turns young minds into obedient drones, trained to never question anything and do the mindless work so the rich can get richer.  We are promised vast riches, shiny trinkets and toys, land of our very own, if only we would put in a little more effort and toe the company line.  It’s all bullshit.  Every bit of it.

We rape the land, kill other species without any thought to the consequences, pollute the air and water, and then justify it with a profit for the stock holders.  It’s always about money and power.  Nothing else matters anymore.

2016 just scratched the surface.  As these bastards take over the workings of government completely, 2017 and beyond is going to be bad, very bad.  If you can’t see what is happening now, you are about to get some serious eye opening shit very soon.

So, with all this in mind, let the ol’ Captain here give you some advice to take into this bleak future.  It’s pretty simple actually;

Clear out all your debts fast as you can.  And stay debt free.

Sell your house, your vehicle, and all but the necessary possessions.

Buy only what you need, use what you buy.  Live your life instead of trying to buy it in a store.

Quit your job.  It’s meaningless.  Find your own way to provide for yourself and your loved ones instead of being dependent on the corporate warlords.  Use your skills and learn new ones.

Keep the dog and/or cat.

Move to a tropical island.

Or travel the world.

Or get a sailboat and live on it.

Go find a mermaid and a sea serpent and seek adventures.  (Are you ready?)

Have experiences, not things.

Why be miserable, working some stupid, meaningless job for a soul less corporation who cares not if you live or die, as long as you do the work and make said corporation richer?

Seriously, your job is meaningless.  Nobody will care what you did.  Do you really think anyone will remember the long hours you stood behind a counter, or processed TPS reports in your cubicle farm, or how many times you counted the inventory?  Nobody will remember.  Nobody will care.

Don’t play the game.  Don’t follow the rules.  You can do more better.

The end result is the same for us all.  So why not enjoy your time in this dimension while you can instead of spending another year in a lifestyle which you hate.

Make some changes, take some chances, do the unexpected.

Question everything.

Embrace your future, don’t just get on with life doing meaningless shit until you die.

It’s only a small speck of light trapped in a sunbeam but there is too much to see and do on this planet to be wasting time being unhappy, working for a living and making others wealthy.

Get out and start living like you want to, not like you were told to.

Have a safe and happy new year everyone.

I’ll be right here, stirring the pot.

Come along and help.

Bring your own spoon.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. Well said…

    Happy New Year!